How do you feel when suddenly a person you’ve known for a long time, who you have been engaged to and about to marry in a few weeks suddenly drops the bomb @ got chicken feet & dumped you? I would have freaked out. This is what happened to a girl I know. It must have affected her emotionally & psychologically. It gave me goose bumps when I read about it. I, myself am still single & I don’t think i’m ready for commitment right now. Especially after hearing the news. It is embarassing. Didn’t the groom to be think about this before. I just don’t understand men sometimes! Do they use their brain to think @ use some other parts of their body!!


What is wrong with me?

Just came back from work. Gosh, It’s tiring, exhausting. I feel as if I’ve used up so much of my energy plus it is such a hot day! I don’t know if I’m having eating disorders. Lately, I’ve been skipping breakfast and lunch. I have an early dinner or should I say late lunch (spanish style)! Didn’t weigh myself, so I don’t know if I’ve lost weight. I just do not have the mood to eat. I drink coffee every morning as I can’t take in food too early in the morning. I feel like throwing up! I don’t have time to go for breakfast at my workplace & no time for lunch! I think I definetely having a problem! Maybe it’s due to work! Stress!! Under duress!! Argh! I feel as if I want to screammmmmm!!!


I am bored….so bored. I don’t know what to do! It’s not as if I don’t have things to do. I do. But I just don’t feel like doing my assignment and office work. I need a break! I don’t want to think about office work right now!

I’m done with reading novels…there’s nothing on TV…there’s no football match to look forward to. The F1 season won’t begin until next month. I’ve done hoovering and mopping the floor. arghhh what a life!

Can’t wait till my cute cousins come over. Humm I wish I could post their pics here. But my scanner has gone bonkers maybe ‘kaput’. I have been trying to transfer the pics on my phone to my pc…having trouble with that but have no prob transfering files from my pc to my phone. Hmmm..have to keep trying!

My name

These people have good sense, responsibility and strong opinions. They are not afraid of speaking out, but must learn the value of discretion and keeping good counsel. It is their candid manner of speaking that offends even though it comes from a place of honesty and is sincere. They have the intelligence to hold back, but at times their blunt manner, being a natural part of their character, will offend despite their intentions. In consequence they could withhold their thoughts for fear of upsetting others. There is integrity and concern for others in this influence. Sometimes their strong sense of responsibility and what they think is right or wrong can cause them to become overbearing and interfering. They want the best for their children, but must learn to stand back a little and watch them from a distance, without too much instruction. This is not a deep intellectual quality, and suffers from the problem of ‘self-measurement’.

Their own experiences in other words become the basis from which they draw their conclusions. There is not the sensitivity to intuit another person’s thoughts and feelings. While their response is honest and often quite sensible, it is still from their own point of view, and not a conscious response from knowing the deep intention of another person. They are very independent, which becomes an asset and a liability. It is their strength because it provides self-initiative and confidence. It is a problem because it is not balanced with the skills of communication. Their verbal communication is not fluid or reciprocal. This is a result of their lack of depth and sensitivity. Having said these things, these people are generally quite successful because they are hard-working and reliable. They need to be in a position where they can work independently, free from the interference of others. Their self-initiative allows them to work upward quickly because they are not afraid, and they want to help.

They are only happy when they are in charge and when their ideas are accepted and not challenged. Unfortunately they are ‘straw bosses’ without the qualities that make for good leadership. They thrive best in their own businesses. Their common sense allows them to make good decisions. They are fair and just in their dealings. In relationships they are loyal and committed to working things out, but there is a strong tendency to want things their own way. This inflexibility is not easy on working partnerships or in marriages. Again it could be said that they hear you but they are not listening. They make good mothers and fathers because of a natural maternal or paternal instinct. It is in their hearts to do the right thing for their children and their community. This conflict between the urge to serve others, and the need for compliance is the area of their life where there is perpetual struggle. This awkward trait either unnerves them as they tread through life or they push their way through obstacles and gain the reputation of being too bossy. Tension will affect them through the senses of the head.

I Wonder

I wonder how long I will be able to stay here. I wonder if I will ever return. Will I be here tomorrow? Or a week from now? I don’t know! I have always find it difficult to continue doing this. It will only last for a week or a month but not more!