Shhh the walls have ears

I’m sure you would realize that I don’t talk politics here. Politics is a bad word. A no no! Why? I could get into trouble. I don’t know who’s spying on me! Don’t know if they place a bug somewhere in my home. You know how these people work. They’re very discrete!
I remember back in 98 – 99. It was one of the days I could not forget. It was like a nightmare @ a scandal that you would not want your name to be associated with. The whole world knows about it. I pity him. A prominent person from my country. He suffered by no fault of his own. My friends & I and other undergrads were so devastated when we heard the news. We wore white ribbons for a few days. A symbol for justice, I think! We just want to point out or let out our opinion but not vocally. It’s impossible to do so. We were afraid we were being watched even at the university campus. Let me correct that. Especially at the university campus!
Anyways, I’m glad he’s free now & walking again. And am glad to be associated with his daughter. Hey, I may not know her. But I know about her. She’s a former Assuntarian. so am i.
Once an Assuntarian, always an Assuntarian.


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