Miss u too!

There was a surprise for me today, my ex-student sent me a text message. I didn’t know that they would miss me….gosh, I actually miss them too. They’re in Form 5 this year and I was their class teacher last year. Actually I was the class teacher of 2 classes (4 Grafik Komp & Pemprosesan Makanan) but I don’t mind. I had hoped to meet them during Sports Day, but this year it was held on Thursday. To be specific on the 24th of Feb I think. But it was on Thursday. That’s kind of odd don’t you think, on a week day! If it was held on a weekend I don’t mind driving for an hour and a half to Tapah to meet up with my ex-students & ex-colleagues. Gosh, I’m feeling so emotional right now, what do you expect from a pisces…we’re an emotional lot!

I miss going to school every evening helping the editorial board editing etc the school magazine. Miss taking pictures…Oh god..I’m actually crying..this is bad! I know I should be happy here..where I am working right now…in some ways I am. Living with my parents…I don’t have to travel to Tapah every Monday morning while others are still sleeping soundly on their soft bed. Gosh, can’t believe I had so much energy then & damn crazy. I wake up at 5 am & hit the road at 6 am every Monday & reach Tapah at 7.25 am. I actually miss doing that too! The students in my new school are ok…I just need to be in tune with this new surrounding. I think it may take time…whatever! That’s normal…I had a culture shock when I 1st arrived at Tapah…so used to the city life…now I’m getting culture shock because I was so used to the kampung life. I’ll take things a day at a time. Things happen for a good reason. And one thing for sure, I’ll make sure my life will go as I have planned. Insya’allah.

One of the best memories I had and will always be with me was last year’s sports day. From the sports practice to the day it self. I was elected as the ketua guru rumah sukan of rumah Memanda aka red house. The red house has been at the bottom of the ladder for a few years but eventually last year we managed to jump a few steps and we nearly, very nearly reached the top. We were in the 2nd spot. But that was an achievement. Kudos to all the teachers & athletes. They’re not just students but all of them were athletes…world class athletes. I may be exagerrating here but that’s what I felt. They have poured in so much effort. Throughout the year, the sporting spirit was so high that whenever my friends and I were passing the classes the kids would shout…Merah boleh….I remember my friends and I wore red a week before sports day…I even bought new sports shoes. I wanted to get a red one but that would be too obvious..so i just bought one with red soles… ;). This year I have to get a green tee but am not buying new shoes! I wish I could scan the pix from last years sports day! Maybe I could ask my friend to email it to me. That would be cool.

Well…when you’re in Rome do what the Romans do….

The bottomline is…cherish your memories & just do your best with what you have right now…

am I making sense….it’s just a spur of the moment…I think I’m going nuts!


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