Out & About

Left the house at 9.30 am with my mom & arrived at OU 5 minutes later. Had our breakfast & hit the shops. Our aim for the day was looking @ getting a shawl for my aunt who is in Japan and I was busy browsing and comparing prices of hiking boots. Need them if I were to go mountain climbing. Don’t mind paying for them as I would need to use them later when I go back packing. Look at the Caucasians, they don’t careless how they look as long as they feel comfy, where else we Malaysian need to put on our best clothes wherever we go. I like the casual look: jeans, khakis…rugged stuff but you still look good in them! Anyway I may get a timberland but it’s nearly RM500. Hey if you want to look good you need to spend some!…Later, we went to Ampang…Great Eastern Mall. Love going there. The place is not too crowded with people. Mom needs to get boxes of cous cous. We love to eat cous cous. It’s a staple diet for the Arabs living around the Mediterranean area. So, I’ll be having cous cous for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Talking about food. Love the food at KLCC. There’s this Arab restaurant…the rice and the dishes are just great…Maybe next time…Shit it’s raining..have to go


3 Replies to “Out & About”

  1. I was going to buy the pink timberlands from London last week, they are sooooooo expensive, but they did not have my size šŸ˜¦

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