Mummy, I’m not aneroxic!

I know you make a fuss whenever I skip my meals. I can’t help it. I don’t feel like eating. I can’t eat too early in the morning nor can I eat in the work place. No, there’s no rule saying you’re not allowed to eat in your work place. It’s just that, the menu sucks.

You know how much I hate eating rice and I can’t keep on eating fried noodles. I know you are worried about me. I promise I’ll take care of myself. I promise I won’t turn into Kate Moss @ a skeleton.

I know I’m not underweight…I think..the last time I check I weigh 46kg. So, I think it is just nice. My BMI should be 19.4. That means I’m normal but a little on the skinny side. A few years back I was 2 kg heavier and now I have to give away my jeans & Khaki pants to my cousins.

I have just realised I’ve become so thin when my pants have become so loose & my aunts, not one but all of them, have been complaining about my figure. Well, the only thing I can do for now is go on a shopping spree.

In fact that’s what I did today. Bought footwears & another pair of lycra khakis. I haven’t been shopping for clothes for a long time. The only places I like to go shopping are at OU @ KLCC. Actually there are more boutiques at KLCC so I have to go there soon to buy more skirts & blouses. I don’t much like wearing baju kurung…it’s so traditional.

I’m more of a casual person. So I am more comfortable in jeans @ khakis but once in a while when I’m in the mood to dress up I’ll put on my best pants & blouse & make up.

It’s 5.30..I have to go and pick up my cousin & her friend. They’re at UM attending a seminar for SPM students…better go now!


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