I’m back

Gosh, I’ve never felt so helpless before…I’ve finally recovered from my flu virus. It was horrible. I had a pounding headache & high fever. Normally I’d only fall sick for a night & not more. I haven’t been well for 3 days! I was afraid that there would be a recurrence of my asthma attack. That is bound to happen as you get older.

Alhamdulillah…I’m feeling much better today. I have to…I have papers to mark & wedding to attend. I’ll be leaving for Kedah this Friday night & taking the train. My mom is worried as I’ll be travelling solo. Therefore, I decided not to take the bunk beds. Instead, I’ll be taking the window seats…ahh..very European. Reminds me of my train journey from Germany to France. Insyallah I’ll be fine. Will be back on Tuesday morning & then catch a movie at OU. Well, you need to live a little.


under the weather

it hurts…aches here and there. I don’t feel like eating…damn sore  throat…need to chew vitamin c for my flu and jujubes for my sorethroat. Came back from work & swallowed 2 tablets of panadol & a tablet of A,C,E & Zinc….I’m heading to bed now…hope I’ll be my own self tomorrow…for the family gathering….

Ouch..it hurts

My body is aching all over…but it was worth it. I had an enjoyable time. Should have brought my camera but I don’t think I had the time to capture any memorable moments. Anyway, everything will be locked & kept in a special place….thanks for the beautiful cards & gifts. It’s the thought that counts!…Loads of things to do during this 2 week break..papers..papers everywhere…but that comes with the job…so I can’t complain…will be meeting up with my ex-colleagues soon…my close friend is getting married. I don’t know what to get her. I have to get a train ticket to kedah…don’t feel like driving..it’s a long journey, anything could happen! So, better get a ticket soon before it’s sold out. Don’t know how long I’ll be there. Maybe 2 @ 3 days…god, I can’t wait to meet them..the last time I met them was a few months back …there’s loads of stories to share….

Tomorrow is another busy day…work & then drop by Jln Telawi for an hour @ two…then meet up with my cousins & head to Shah Alam…gosh I’ll be exhausted by the end of the day..thank god for the 2 week break..I think I need it!