Boring Pool

Lately, I have been falling asleep while watching Liverpool matches. The funny thing is whenever I fall asleep, Liverpool draws. Shish..if I get butterflies in my stomach at the start of their game..I knew they would lose..and they actually did…wonder what will happen during the 2nd leg of the Champion’s League? Will they win, lose @ draw. If they draw..then they’ll have to play extra time. If it’s still a draw after the 30 mins..then there’ll be penalty kick outs….yikes…


One Reply to “Boring Pool”

  1. Its unfortunate that even if they can beat Chelsea to the final, and then win the final itself (against Milan) Liverpool probably still won’t be getting into the Champions League next season, as Everton will be nominated ahead of them by the FA. Seems rather ridiculous, and even though I’m a ManU fan, I feel sorry for the ‘Pool supporters. Still, with Rafa working his magic, surely Liverpool will be far more consistent next season.

    Losing Xabi is a big blow, but at least it wasn’t Gerrard or Carragher- the two most irreplaceable players in the team. It’ll probably still be a 4-5-1 with either Hamann or Kewell coming in for Alonso, with requisite formation shifting to accomodate either.

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