It was so long ago

NKOTB…remember them? New Kids On The Block…yup..a boy band from Boston, Ma. It all started back in the late 80’s. I saw them on tv way back in late 88 early 89. The song which really caught my eyes & ears was You’ve got (the Right Stuff). NKOTB was the 1st band that I really like besides MJ, Madonna (we sang to Who’s that Girl, La Isla Bonita during our music class at OCS), Bananarama etc. My fave songs were from the 1st album: The Right Stuff, Hangin’ Tough.

I remember I had to get all NKOTB merchandise from buttons to file to photos. My aunt even sent me Bop mags from the states as it was expensive to buy them here in Malaysia. I didn’t know how I got my mom to buy me NKOTB’s concert videos.

Guess who was my fave grp member? hahahaha..Donnie Wahlberg…gosh maybe it was his torn jeans, shoulder length hair, leather hat & jacket….I dunno..that was so long…I was a normal 13 year old kid then….

I don’t much like their newer albums as they were influenced by hip hoppers & rap at that time. It was still new & hate looking at big mamas wearing tight micro mini skirts.

Well, I’m just going down the memory lane at the moment!


3 Replies to “It was so long ago”

  1. Hot Pursuit? Nah…no wonder I haven’t finish reading it…jumping here and there…but I like reading nora roberts here and then…like her mystery / thriller books. Other than that I do read a lot of chick lit generally british & irish writers. Meg Cabot, Olivia Goldsmith so on and so forth

  2. hey! I(L) NKOTB! … they were the best group ever!!! jeje.. I still like them :D… a lot of people does …. if you want to remember some stuff about them, you can visit yahoo groups and join one of the groups dedicated to the nkotb… they are really good… well, that was all I wanted to say.. byeee!!!

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