New Template

Why the new look? Well, I need the change & no that’s not me! In fact the layout is by: Mamafai and designed by: Hajira.

Why this template? Black is one of my fave colours. To me, Black is the colour of elegance and mystery, but at the same time symbolises death, grief and sorrow. Black is also associated with power, strength and authority.

Am I depressed? Maybe….

The world we live in is full of hatred & anger. Just look all around you, what do you see? What do you hear? What’s in the news? Murder, WAR, Death, Killings, Kidnappings, Superpower vs Iraq / Iran (superpowers are after the oil in rich arab states, & former CIS countries), Palestine vs Israel, Bombings, IRA, ETA … I can go on and on … where will this lead us? Grief & sorrow, mourning for the dead.

I mourn for the Canadian boy, who died during a shoot out in Cambodia. An innocent boy! He didn’t get to see the world, but I don’t think he would enjoy living if there is no peace in this world. The only music you listen to is of gun shots & jet fighters, shouting & screaming of pain, crying …


3 Replies to “New Template”

  1. I like the new look, red enclave šŸ™‚

    About world peace… it’d be nice, but there never has been anything like that. War seems to be the natural state of affairs for human beings. Even the oldest of religious texts are full of war. I suspect taht’s just part of our struggle as human beings. After WWI and WWII both there was talk of them being the wars that ended war. Nobody even talks that way anymore. War never changes, and it never ends :

  2. what a beautiful design for your blog… I saw your comment at teri’s blog… nice to meet you! I live in Canada and have 4 kids plus 3 step children… do you have children?

  3. nope no children, not even married yet, unless you consider the kids I teach in school are my children…yikes…they’re the same age as my cousins!

    Anyway, thanks for visiting. I like the design too, but it was not designed by me…i think I did acknowledge them earlier in the message.

    I’m now to lazy to design my own template @ layout. Used to love playing around with my photoshop @ paintshop pro. Don’t have the time nor the mood to do them any longer. Some visitors do like this new look, some don’t, but I personally LOVE the look. BEHIND THE VEIL…it’s as if you have some secrets you’d like to share but afraid to do so etc…

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