Pet meme

I didn’t expect anyone to tag me..oh well,…thanx Kadija..I’ll try my best..ok

Here’s the questions:

1. What is your favorite type of animal that you have had as a pet?
2. What is the strangest/most different name one of your pets has had?
3. Describe something bizarre that one of your pets has done.
4. Have you ever eaten dog biscuits? (or other pet related products?)
5. Have you ever let your pet sleep with you?
6. Do you take your pet on vacation with you?
7. Have you held memorials for your pets?
8. Have any of your pets worn clothing?
9. Do you feed your pets before you feed yourself?
10. Does your current pet resemble you physically or temperamentally?

Here’s my answers:

1. favourite type of animal as a pet: fish…am allergic to cat as I have had asthma during my childhood.
2. strangest pet name: hummmm….never named my pets that wrong..please say no.
3. bizarre happening – committing suicide by jumping out of the fish bowl xxx
4. eated dog bisquits?: Are you crazy! I’m not!
5. Since it’s a fish @ small fishes, I don’t think so! Either it’ll die @ I drown if I plan to sleep in a huge aquarium!
6. Pets on vacation: never
7. I flush them down the toilet bowl….yikes..sorry!
8. natural clothing, if you ask me
9. I’m usually on a diet, so they get to eat a lot. If I forget, there’s always a back up….my mom…
10. is there a resemblance? fish mouth…nah just kidding…

I’m tagging Tareqmd, Fatimah’s Libya


3 Replies to “Pet meme”

  1. No names? Flushed down the toilet!?

    I used to keep tropical fish… in fact it was quite a hobbie of mine for a while. Never really considered them pets though… and I did the… er… toilet flushing thing too :p

  2. lovely new design have such patience, I stuck to my template because I am too lazy to put my own links again 🙂

    what’s with this flushing business.

  3. Well yuh..I don’t want to get to attached to the fish. Should I be? I mean what should I call it @ them..Here fishy, fishy 😉

    To tell you the truth..they’re not really my fish, I sort of adopted them from my aunt. She was the one who wanted to have fishes at home so we end up taking care of them. After a few months they end up dead or given away to friends & relatives.

    Flushing down the toilet bowl…I didn’t know what to do…do you?

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