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I’ll be away till Thursday nite! Not on holiday, I wish! And won’t be able to attend my lectures on Weds & Thurs night. Damn..damn..damn…

au natural from ZARA, Spain

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cool lime green cargo pants with a little white stretch tee from MANGO, Spain Posted by Picasa

Something for you, Mama

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thank you for bringing me into this world,
thank you for being patient with me,
all the scoldings I went through,
I knew you meant well.

thank you for being my rock,
for being there,
during my ups & downs.

I’m sorry,
sorry for the heated arguments we had,
sorry for slamming the door in your face,
sorry that I blamed you,
for I should have blamed it on myself.

But, Mama,
that was long ago,
I’m wiser now,
Thanks to you, Mama.

You’re the BEST Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mama… I LOVE YOU!

What Does Your Room Say About You?

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You don’t have to be an old-timer to love traditional décor. Maybe your friends tease you about your “old-fashioned” taste, but for you, a big wood chest, plush bath linens, or anything made of white wicker could be the items that say “home.”

While you may lust for that incredible leather armchair, you probably realize that keeping it simple is the key to your classic style. Adding great details like a rich pine CD rack or a set of brass-trim picture frames might be ways you work your elegant magic on an otherwise generic room. The point is that your room doesn’t have to be stuffed with antiques to showcase your special taste.

Oh no a Lovey-Dovey Meme

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Gosh it vansihed into thin air! Now I have to re do it again! It’s not going to be the same! Sorry farah sowaleef

1- What does Love mean to you?

I think I am a romantic….well, we will see so here goes:

gosh, this is difficult…let’s try it again…
You can make money, but you can’t buy LOVE!

2- What does Marriage mean to you?

I hate it when ppl kept on asking me when I’m going to start a family? I’m not ready! I love my life, my freedom & at present too selfish to share it with anyone. Well, when the time is right, I’ll eventually get married, no matter the age. But I don’t think I’ll get married at the age of 40! That’s too old…yikes..unless I look 10 years younger!…Marriage to me means a lot of sacrifices between the two, a two way communication. You have to be there for each other, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold on to when in need!

3- Do you believe in love at first sight?
If that were to happen I’d be breaking too many hearts & end up being hated by them. So, no. I’d fall for the ONE & ONLY guy.

4- How many children would you like?

Am an only child. So, i think I wouldn’t want too many children. 2 is enough. one of each…haha..

5-If given the opportunity, what song would you sing for me on my wedding day?
I can’t sing…everyone would have to look for shelter when it rains! But you could sing any 80’s song during my wedding…hahaha

6- What is your favorite holiday destination?

Paris or Rome, love these 2 beautiful cities. Full of history, tradition & culture. Plus love is in the air all year round!

7-What are three qualities you would look for in a man?
Don’t want to sound like a dumb blonde(my hair ain’t blonde but it has been dyed too many times)
Obviously you’d love them to have great physique..hahaha..ok..get serious now…a good looking intelligent guy with a kind heart. That’s hard to find.

8- What are the three qualities and three bad habits that you have?

2-even tempered

Bad habits:
1- don’t make me hate you, I’ll never ever forgive you
2- am judgmental at times.
3- stubborn
4- rebel (although it’s unnoticeable by others, only the observant wants do!)

9-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10 years wow, work wise…i can see a clear path ahead. Humm, married with a child or two.

It’s your turn: Highlander (From the Rock), Jib (Thought’s of Jibrael){want to know how does a guy’s mind works}, Fishboneyard

ANY TOM, DICK @ HARRY will be shot because of his tan skin. It is frustrating, to claim that Asian @ Arabs are responsible for the underground & bus bombs @ other forms of terrorism. I’d like them to recall the Oklahoma City incident. Who was the one responsible for the bombing of the FBI building? None other than their own citizen, a white man. Open your eyes America & Britain, not all whites are innocent & not all coloured people are evil!

I am not being racist here, although I live in a so-called multi-racial, multi-cultural country. I’ll talk about that later, when I feel like it. Right now, I am very concerned about the West putting the blame on us Asians @ our bros & sis, the Arabs (Muslims @ other wise, not all Arabs are Muslims & not all Malays are Muslims…will argue about that later too).

I blame it all on Bush & Blair. That’s my opinion. Bush thinks he is the President of the United States of the World. He interferes in other countries’ internal problems ie Iraq, Iran, China, N. Korea. These countries either have oil which Bush is very much interested in or nuclear power…Humm…doesn’t that sound very appealing. Yes.. all that $$$$ signs. Think about it, politically, economically, holistically.

Ta Ta

I’ve got it off my chest…

Travel Plans

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Things to do:
1) start saving money (I have some in my savings but there’s no harm being thrifty ;P)
2) stop going on a shopping spree (Mega Sale Carnival is from 22 July till September).
3) find the best ticket price
4) renew my passport & get a visa
5) read everything about Iran (culture, transport etc)

Basically, those are the things I could think of at the moment. I’m trying to find out which airlines fly to Tehran & if it is possible not to fly Iran Air! Emirates, Gulf Air @ Qatar Air would be safe! Dad will be helping out by contacting his best friend. Uncle M has a travel agency so I guess he could help in some way or another. I don’t know if there will be any promotions @ special air fare at the Matta Fair which will be held at PWTC this Sept. If they have any year end promotions then that is even better. Dad won’t be going, so it’s mom & me. Dad couldn’t come along as he has to manage his business.

According to Lonely Planet, the best times to visit Iran are mid-April to early June, and late September to early November – these times avoid the long, cold northern winter, the Iranian New Year (late March) and the summer, which can be unpleasantly hot in much of the country. The good news is great bargains can be found come wintertime. So, I think, visiting Iran between mid Nov – early December wouldn’t be a bad time for travelling!

Places we plan to visit in Iran:
1) Tehran
2) Esfahan – blue tiles of Esfahan’s Islamic buildings, majestic bridges,
3) Persepolis – ruin burnt down during the time of Alexander the Great
4) Shiraz – one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world

Possible Flight & Fare to Tehran & Back:
Flight: Emirates Airlines flight 347 / 971 –
1 Stop – Change planes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB)
Depart: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL) Sun, 27 Nov 2:10am
Arrive: IMAM KHOMEINI, IRAN (IKA) Sun, 27 Nov 9:35am
Total travel time: 12hrs 25min

Flight: Qatar Airways flight 489 / Gulf Air Co. 526 / 284 –
4 Stops – Stop in Muscat, Oman (MCT) and Bangkok, Thailand (BKK), Change planes in Doha, Qatar (DOH) and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate (AUH)
Depart: IMAM KHOMEINI, IRAN (IKA) Sat, 10 Dec 5:30pm
Arrive: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL) Sun, 11 Dec 2:40pm
Total travel time: 16hrs 10min

Tailing The Tube Suicide Bomb Suspect

Specialist officers had been tailing the man shot at Stockwell Tube station from his home, says Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt.Police believed the Asian man was responsible for an attempted attack on the nearby Oval Tube on Thursday and had set up surveillance on him.Brunt said officers had followed the man from his home and that the initial plan was to arrest him.

But from his home to Stockwell Tube, events overtook police and marksmen were forced to shoot.

Despite temperatures of around 22C (72F), officers and witnesses said the man was wearing a heavy coat under which it was feared may have been a bomb.

Brunt said: “Intelligence officers had suggested he was the bomber from Thursday.

“Officers were confronted with the very real possibility that this man did have a bomb.”

Initial examinations though, said Brunt, did not discover any explosives on the suspect.

So did they shoot the right guy? What if they have been duped? Won’t it be embarassing? I still truly believe that some idiot is trying to give us Moslems a bad name!