How Intelligent are the Intelligence Officers?!

Tailing The Tube Suicide Bomb Suspect

Specialist officers had been tailing the man shot at Stockwell Tube station from his home, says Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt.Police believed the Asian man was responsible for an attempted attack on the nearby Oval Tube on Thursday and had set up surveillance on him.Brunt said officers had followed the man from his home and that the initial plan was to arrest him.

But from his home to Stockwell Tube, events overtook police and marksmen were forced to shoot.

Despite temperatures of around 22C (72F), officers and witnesses said the man was wearing a heavy coat under which it was feared may have been a bomb.

Brunt said: “Intelligence officers had suggested he was the bomber from Thursday.

“Officers were confronted with the very real possibility that this man did have a bomb.”

Initial examinations though, said Brunt, did not discover any explosives on the suspect.

So did they shoot the right guy? What if they have been duped? Won’t it be embarassing? I still truly believe that some idiot is trying to give us Moslems a bad name!


One Reply to “How Intelligent are the Intelligence Officers?!”

  1. what if they shot the wrong guy ? exactly that’s the big problem… even if the temperature is 22 in july i’m still wearing a heavy jacket does that make me a suspect ? it is cold for some of us in the UK.

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