Revolution Day

1st of September an important date to Libyans or to that particular person you see at every billboard, with sunglasses on and smiling at you welcoming you once you set foot on Libyan soil. That person would be the Libyan leader. I don’t need to mention his name here, you’ll know if you are into general knowledge & geography. I don’t know how important this date is to the Libyan people. Why? Because this is the day when the Col overthrew King Idris. Libya’s Independence day is celebrated on the eve of Christmas Day. Which date is of more importance? Let the Libyans answer this question!


3 Replies to “Revolution Day”

  1. Nik: He is filthy rich & very secretive. No one knows where he lives. In fact, visitors even VVIP meets him in this tent somewhere in the Sahara desert. Not a hut but a huge tent.

    Prog Craig: You’re right, no one can spell his name correctly. Should it be with a K @ a Q @ a G? Hmmm…only he knows the answer!–>

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