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Qye, my cousin will be leaving for Moscow tonight or rather early tomorrow morning. He was back for the holidays & was busy applying for scholarships for his medical degree. He sat for an interview conducted by the Defense Ministry a week @ two ago. So, he is awaiting the result which will be out somewhere in this month. I hope & pray that he will be awarded the scholarship as he as another 5 years to go. If he is successful then he will be attached to the Ministry of Defense and has to work at any of the hospitals in and around the country. I think he will be bonded with the ministry for about 7 years. Well, that’s better than nothing. He needs the scholarship as his sister intends to study medicine in Dublin. Studying in Ireland won’t be cheap, whatmore if you want to practice medicine. She won’t be studying at any of the matriculation centres, in fact I’m advicing her to take up either the International Baccalaureate or A-levels at KYPM Banting @ Seremban. But first, she needs to to do well in her up & on coming O-levels exam which is in early November. Good Luck to both of you Qye & Balqis.


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