I need to clear my mind!

I stole this set of questions from Nik’s blog as I was damn bored & sick & tired of the load of work I have to do soon! What more when you have to work on Saturdays too!

1. If you could be reincarnated as a famous
celebrity, who would it be?
Humm someone with good looks & brains?! Anyone? Oh yeah Jodi Foster!

2. If you had all the money in the world, what
would you do?
I wouldn’t want to turn into a dictator..I don’t need all the money @ power. Thanks but no thanks!

3. What’s your most overused phrase?
Shit! You know! Oh my God!

4. What can you never say no to?
Chocolates & damn good looking guys!

5. Who would you like to bring home to meet

6. Complete this sentence: I can’t stop
thinking of my next overseas trip!

7. What do you wish you had the answer to?
Will I ever get married?!

8. What word best describes you?
sensitive piscean

9. Complete this sentence: When Im old and 80,
I’d look like a prune!

10. Favorite food:

11. Favorite restaurant:
California’s Pizza & Bukhara

12. Favorite Sesame Street Character:

13. Favorite color:
blue? black too!

14. Favorite actor & actress:
Orlando coz he’s one hell of a hot guy, Reese Witherspoon

15. Favorite Disney character:

16. Favorite scent:
Carolina Herrera 312/Issey Miyake/Davidoff Clear Water & Echo

17. Zodiac sign:

18. Which celebrity gets your heart pumping?
Orlando Bloom

19. Name 3 physical features that attract you most
about the opposite sex:
eyes, voice, teeth

20. Name your most interesting asset:
what asset?

21. If you could read the mind of someone famous,
who would it be?
Israel’s Prime Minister

22. What attracts you most about the opposite
intelligence & obviously his looks

23. You’re given one wish by a genie. What would
it be?
get me out of this place!

24. What can’t you live without?

25. If you could exchange bodies with a celebrity,
who would it be and why?
Kate Bosworth…because she’s dating Orlando! That’s stupid..but I couldn’t think of an intelligent reply at the moment!

26. What animal would you like to be in a next life?
I wouldn’t want to be a pig! so I think a dolphin would do!

27. First love:
hahaha…my 1st valentine age 10?

28. Honeymoon spot:
Mediterranean Islands…crete @ sardinia…

29. What do you suck at?

30. What are you good at?

31. Can you cook?
nope…I can make salads though..does that count!

32. What’s on your mind right now?
I’ve got an assignment due tomorrow & I haven’t even started doing it. Procrastination sucks!

33. Where do you work / study?
some hell hole / a prestigious varsity

34. Name 3 of your dream jobs:
1) diplomat
2) travel writer
3) architect / interior designer
Don’t know if it’s too late to change but I’m targetting the 2nd one!

35. Name one thing you like about yourself:

36. How would you define love?
something which is shared between the two or more no matter what they have to go through, the ups & downs, success & failure, it’s part & parcel of your everyday life.

37. What do your close buds think about you?
hardworking? I wish! I don’t know, maybe I should ask them!

38. State one of your worse phobias:
die in a plane crash!

39. What’s the first thought on your mind after
waking up in the morning?
What day is it?

40. First crush:
Don’t remember it was too damn long ago!


6 Replies to “I need to clear my mind!”

  1. craig, I was bored! I needed something to wake me up to go through this very hot day!

    I didn’t mean to mention orlando bloom too many a time but I hate Tom Cruise, he is a damn playboy. Short guys are bloody flirtatious & womanizer. That’s my opinion, pls don’t shoot me! ;P Anyways, I can’t think of another actor..young actor 😉

    I’m surprise with my aunswers my self, I hope I don’t sound stupid or some dumb bimbo! AM NOT!

    Hey don’t you sleep? just kidding!

  2. Hi redenclave,

    I actually can’t think of many young actors either, these days. There are really quite a lot in their late 30s and early 40s, but it seems like the next generation, just isn’t there!

    About the sleep… I usually sleep no problem, but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, so I get on the computer for a while 🙂

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