Ramadhan Bazaar

Should you cook during the month of Ramadhan? Not in my family. We wouldn’t eat that much anyway. So, it’s best that we buy a variety of dishes at the Ramadhan Bazaar. This is the time of the year one would see people from different walks of life walking shoulder to shoulder buying food at the stalls. I personally would leave my home at 4pm as I wouldn’t want to be caught in the traffic jam @ downpour. That would be horrible. The nearest ramadhan bazzar would be at TTDI. Love the food & the crowd. You won’t feel out of place there, I don’t see any immigrants aka aliens selling or buying stuff. I’m not prejudice but I don’t feel comfortable. I would like to feel safe, comfortable & contented when shopping or walking around in my own country! I used to go to Bangsar or Sect 14, PJ a few years back. But not anymore. The reasons being it’s difficult to find a parking space in those areas!

Hmm what should I get for tomorrow? I had to attend my lecture today, so I didn’t eat much except for kuih gelang, popiah basah and soy drink. I still have my murtabak and kebab. Should I save them for sahur? It all depends on my biological clock. The last 2 days, I woke up at 2 am and had my sahur!


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