Half of the heavy load has been lifted. The other half is awaiting somewhere around the corner, nope not far, within walking distance from where I am at the moment.

My first destination after work is of course a short trip to my alma mater, my uni, and drop this combed bind paper work into the pigeon hole. All my blood & sweat had been poured over it these past few days. I worked on it as if I was possessed, no time for food nor time for sleep, just a short nap. It’s true, I was in front of the comp from 2100 till 0600 the next day, two days straight.

So, I don’t know if I can laze around this weekend, with my uncles & aunties & cousins of all ages walking through the front door of my house & sharing their time to break fast with the whole clan! It’s a once in a year breaking of fast gathering.


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