In the Zone

Less than a week and school’s over. Yeah….but it ain’t over till it’s over! Whatever. All I know, that is, I have about 2 weeks to do some reading for my semester exams. 2 papers right after Eid. Pray God, I’d do well & pass with flying colors! So, I won’t be blogging for some time…however i’ll be posting some portraits for my photography project at Flickr which is due to be posted on the 4th of November. I haven’t got my subject yet, but never fear, I’ll eventually get it done.

My other photography projects will be taken in Istanbul, Turkey & will be posted somewhere in December. I can’t wait! So, hopefully I’ll write an entry in this blog before I leave for Turkey!

Hasta Luego…
Au revoir…
Jumpa Lagi…
Ta ta…
C Ya!…


One Reply to “In the Zone”

  1. YOU have such a nice spot to go for photo-taking-madness!it’s frickin IStanbul in fricking Turkey right in the middle of frickin mediterranean.
    while I frickin have frickin Perth to go photo-taking-madness!it’s right in the frinkin middle of Western Australia where there are fricking loads of Malaysians!

    I’ll feel right back in frickin BANGSAR!why must I frickin go there anyway!…oh yah…my frickin brothers there!

    fricking count: 10

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