Eid Ul Fitri Abroad

One can say celebrating Eid abroad is much more fulfilling than celebrating in one own’s county.

Unfortuantely or fortunately, it’s true.

It was back in 85/86 in a very humid, sandy and dry city of Tripoli. It was torturous for me, a 9 year old girl to fast every single day in such condition. What more, it was in the middle of summer. It was a challenge for me to go on fasting as I have childhood asthma and gastrics. So, I cheated a bit. I would fast everyday from dawn till 3pm, that is when school is over. The moment I reached home, I would break my fast! It went on till I was in 5th grade, I guess. I was such an active child back then, as I took part in soccer matches and floor hockey matches held during our long lunch breaks as well as during the weekend! That’s where all my energy went! Sports! Somehow, I learnt to manage my diet. The next year, I managed to fast for the whole month (no cheating, this time).

I enjoyed celebrating Eid in Tripoli, we have a small community of Malaysians there which consist of the Ambassador, Charge de Affairs, the 1st Sec (my dad), 2nd Sec, 3rd Sec, their PAs, security guard, drivers & a few Malaysian students. I can’t recall if we had terawih prayers at the embassy or at the ambassador’s residence which is not far from the embassy.

Malaysian Embassy

Mom & the other ladies would be busy the whole month preparing for Eid. We had a committee looking after food & beverages for special occasions such as Eid. Each of the ladies would prepare dishes (pot luck kind of thingie) when there is an official reception held in the embassy. We usually do, eg for Merdeka Day etc. As for Eid, we would celebrate it at the ambassador’s residence then we proceed to other houses. While parents were busy chit chatting, their kids would be busy running around playing catch the thief in the basement.

One thing I regretted was, I did not visit any Libyan houses while I was there. Mom did, lucky her as she was actively involved in Women International. She got to visit various places and attended all types of event held in and around Tripoli.

Below are a few pictures taken in Libya. For more details visit my Flickr Album.






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