Sony ericsson Z520i

I think I need to get a new phone. I know it’s much cheaper than the cellphone I’m currently using, about 1/2 of the price, but it has got much better features than my hellomoto, v600! It’s cranking up at the moment. Didn’t turn it on since 3rd day of Eid. Don’t think anyone will be calling me! Peace and quiet except for the occasional sound from my tv or pc!

I don’t plan on getting a Nokia, I hate their designs. I guess, I’m getting & feeling older now. Anyway, am only planning to get the clamshell ones. So there aren’t that many choices to choose from anyway! My first few phones were Nokia, then I moved on to Alcatel and my last phone is a V600 (Motorola).

I guess I have to download new true tones later on! I can’t seem to get Ricky out of my mind at the moment! Shake your bon bon, baby! He’s just damn sexy!


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