Brushing up my very basic spanish


I’ve been very lazy for the past few years. I could have continued taking my Spanish lessons in the uni but I couldn’t afford to pay for it at that time as I have just graduated and still looking for a job. (I didn’t want to teach at that time, stubborn me, I was practically dragged by my mom to the Ministry to hand in my posting form!)

So, I have to do it on my own at the moment. I can understand a lil Spanish but to speak it? I doubt! So lets see if I can construct a few simple sentences en español.

  • Me lla mo redENCLAVE.
  • Yo tengo 29 años (Yikes!!)
  • Yo hablo Inglés muy bien
  • Me gusta leer libro

Gosh, it’s difficult, I cheated!


2 Replies to “Brushing up my very basic spanish”

  1. i see someone is happy with her cam phone 🙂

    just remembered…i wrote the phone numbers abt three weeks back so i have it 🙂 so i can still bug ur life in years to come…

    OH AND TO GET AN INVITE TO YOUR 2006 SPRING WEDDING…i’m expecting a wedding abroad to a famous soap star with tickets sent! thanks!

  2. you little brat you, hahaha….will most probable go abroad next year but not for the M word. You hear me! Looking for a good looking rich Spaniard! Yup in my dreams…dream on, it’ll never happen! It’s all a fantasy, get back to earth & to normal boring life!

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