Task of the day

I have to find a beautiful Nyonya Kebaya for an aunt of mine. I think she wants it either in Black or grey. We’ve checked out one at Alamanda by Radzwan Radziwill, the top was about RM700, but it was laced with beautiful embroidery. So if we could not find a beautiful top at ASEANA, we can return to Radzwan Raziwill or was it Rizalman’s, I think it’s the former.

It looks somewhat like this:

It is a traditional costume worn by the Nyonya or Peranakan from Malacca. The translucent, body hugging kebaya can be worn as a formalwear or when attending special events. However, it has evolved and being worn with pants, which I disagree.Below is a design by Rizalman: Only for those with a great figure, no spare tyres here, please!

p/s: I don’t like the kain, the color combination. The Pua design is beautiful but not the colour. Hey, I maybe a tad conservative but that’s my opinion. It must be the blue! But, it just oozes with the s word!


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