To Do List

I have not started packing and I don’t know where to start. Here are the things (I think) I should be doing (@ bringing):

  1. winter clothing (wool sweater, wool socks, wool shawl & jackets)
  2. umbrella (Istanbul is well known to be cold & wet during this time of the year)
  3. lots of bottled mineral water (drinking water is expensive US$1 a bottle)
  4. charge my batteries (video cam & digi cam)
  5. toiletries & fragrance (you wouldn’t want to smell bad although it’s winter ;P)
  6. make-up (need to cover all those pimple scars)
  7. medicine @ first aid (gastric pills, panadol, cold & flu tablets, ointment, plaster@handyplast)
  8. munchies (asam)
  9. passport & ticket obviously
  10. spectacles & contact lense solution & a spare pair of contacts

I guess that’s all, of course enough undies for a week, hummm…did I leave out anything?


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