A Day and 1/2 to Go

I have finished packing my bags, even brought an extra bag! I’m not going to shop till I drop, all I’ll be doing is go sight seeing and snap pictures. I’m not sure if I’ll be visiting Ankara as I have not reserved and rail or bus tickets to the capital from Istanbul. I’m sure there are a lot of places to visit in Istanbul, I’m sure Mom wants to buy packets of Turkish Delight and dried figs for our family and relatives back home. (That’s the reason I brought an extra bag!) I don’t know if I should get an “Evil Eye @ Blue Eye” for myself.

Istanbul has always been one of my top ten places to visit. Others include Iran, (Mediterranean region: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and then proceed to Southern Spain, France, Italy, Malta), (Scandinavia – Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark), Argentina, former Eastern Block countries such as Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. If you notice, most of these countries are not 1st world countries, some of these countries are not popular places to visit among tourist from my homeland, they would prefer to go to London, Melbourne or places considered as shopping haven.

Life is too short, be adventurous, travel the world to experience different cultures, speak their language even if you have difficulty pronouncing the words! But that’s the fun of travelling! You know, the best way to travel is by backpacking! Live dangerously for once! Maybe next time, when my friends could find time to travel the world with me! The problem is TIME IS THE ENEMY.

Anyways,I always hold on to this : When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
I guess that’s why I have enjoyed my stay in Libya and India, no matter how long or short! These places may not be the next NYC or LA but they have got architecture, history and wonderful heritage. It will always be there in your mind even though you have left your footprints a decade ago. NYC has got beautiful buildings but they are of a different league. I love visiting ruins, I have always wondered how these people, the Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians have constructed the beautiful buildings. Imagine doing all these decades ago.


2 Replies to “A Day and 1/2 to Go”

  1. a really close friend’s idea of “when in rome, do as the roman’s do.”

    “when you’re at a club, you gotta join the club, do some dirty dancing, and never forget to hold a glass of alcohol.”
    romans indeed..
    im still saving up some money to go backpacking in japan…i havnt seen the ‘real’ tokyo yet!

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