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From Moscow with ….

Posted: December 31, 2005 in mi familia

Well, it’s actually from KL with *heart*

After the Doa selamat

At the airport, it’s time to spread my wings, he said, to a land famous for it’s vodka! ;P

Q : I like the new look, for now, save some Russian Rouble for my next trip home!


Posted: December 26, 2005 in mi vida loca

There are a few things I’ve lost (misplaced actually), such as my amethyst (my birthstone) pendant, ring and bracelet. (the whole set!). Things like this happen all the time especially after spring cleaning my room. I’ll eventually find them accidentally while looking for other things. I can’t even find one of my belts! The other day, I finally found my brown shoes, after months of searching! Imagine that.

What have I found today? One of my 2 amethyst pendants . I’m also still looking for an old black & white picture of my grandparents taken in a studio years ago. Mom was still a toddler then. I can’t seem to recall when was the last time I set my eyes on them! HaveI given them to mom? She doesn’t remember, as we have a habit of misplacing things too! It’s all in the family, I guess!

drats….the dreaded meeting will be held tomorrow. I can’t remember what time I’m supposed to be at school!

New semester starts this week, will be attending my first lecture (language & gender) tomorrow at 3-6 and the other lecture is on Thursday, I think. Have to check my time table.

What I’ve been up to

Posted: December 19, 2005 in mi vida loca, Snaps

1. edited a few Istanbul pics and turned them black & white @ antique look

2. gave the guest room a new coat of paint – lilac

3. gave the tv area a new coat of paint – plain old white

4. now I’m itching to go out before I turn the whole casa upside down

5 things ppl don’t know about me

Posted: December 18, 2005 in meme, mi vida loca
  1. Most people don’t know that it is difficult for me to keep my eyes open even after drinking 3 mugs @ cups of coffee in the morning. However, that won’t be the case if I have a cup of coffee in the evening!
  2. Most people don’t know that I hate leaving the comfort of my home.
  3. That I love to decorate my home, I dream of becoming an interior designer.
  4. Most people don’t know that I also support Arsenal, my late grandad’s fave football team. He was the one who introduced me to the EPL when I was a kid. But I became a diehard fan of Liverpool FC very late, in 1996.
  5. Most people don’t know that I was very involved in soccer and floor hockey when I was a kid.

These are the 5 things ppl don’t know about me. So, what about you? Farooha, Nura, simplycomplicated, June aka Gemini Blues

Edited Pictures

Posted: December 15, 2005 in Globe Trekker, islam, Istanbul, Our World, Snaps

Will be framing these pictures and hang them on the wall in my room.


Posted: December 14, 2005 in mi vida loca

Chop off my bangs & it’s real short now, I know I promised myself to try and let them grow, but I guess, whenever I step into a saloon, I need to do something about my locks …. I feel FREE & have tried a new dye, my aunt likes it …. anyway, I persuaded her to get her her hair dyed copper brown …. looks good, I think!

This is what girls & the womenfolks do when they’re bored to death @ have too much time on your hands. Are they spoilt? Nah, just want to feel satisfied & good. SELF-SATISFACTION, baby!

Posted: December 13, 2005 in mi vida loca

Today’s Activity:

  • Went to KLCC with Shah
  • Had lunch
  • browsed for phones
  • watched Zathura, go ahead and watch if you miss your childhood! Woth my RM8 (Ladies’ day)
  • Had an early dinner (6pm) at Dome
  • Went to Kinokuniya and bought 3 novels.

Back home & it’s reading time…. Hasta luego, amigos

Desktop theme

Posted: December 12, 2005 in sports freak


Posted: December 9, 2005 in Snaps

It’s that time of the year again …. Prom Nite… Had to help my cuz, Balqis dress up for her Prom Nite at Mandarin Oriental. Gosh, she looks different …. no longer the tom boyish and only jeans and sneakers look. I think she looks great in an all black top and skirt with sexy leggings or pantyhose. Too bad her mom forbids her from wearing contact lens… give her a break! You’re entitled to look gorgeous once a while. Well, that’s what I think! Posted by Picasa

Just you and me

Posted: December 9, 2005 in culture, mi familia

Man, mom is damn lucky. I booked 2 tickets to Siem Reap (Where the hell is that? I hope it ain’t a hell hole!) for dad and mom. Kinda honeymoon trip…hahahaha

They’ll be heading to Cambodia @ Kampuchea next February just before my birthday. Siem Reap is about 6km from the world famous heritage site, Angkor Wat. Yeah, those two just love visiting places like that, full of splendor. Not my kinda place, I’m saving my money for my Portugal & Spain 2007 trip.

Don’t know if mom will be accompanying my cousins to Tokyo next year, somewhere in the middle of the year. What can you do there? Where should you go? The only thing I know about Japan is by the end of the trip you will be burning a hole in your pocket, and end up broke by the end of the day! What with all the gadgets and stuff.