There are a few things I’ve lost (misplaced actually), such as my amethyst (my birthstone) pendant, ring and bracelet. (the whole set!). Things like this happen all the time especially after spring cleaning my room. I’ll eventually find them accidentally while looking for other things. I can’t even find one of my belts! The other day, I finally found my brown shoes, after months of searching! Imagine that.

What have I found today? One of my 2 amethyst pendants . I’m also still looking for an old black & white picture of my grandparents taken in a studio years ago. Mom was still a toddler then. I can’t seem to recall when was the last time I set my eyes on them! HaveI given them to mom? She doesn’t remember, as we have a habit of misplacing things too! It’s all in the family, I guess!

drats….the dreaded meeting will be held tomorrow. I can’t remember what time I’m supposed to be at school!

New semester starts this week, will be attending my first lecture (language & gender) tomorrow at 3-6 and the other lecture is on Thursday, I think. Have to check my time table.


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