under the weather

yesterday was horrible. I didn’t have time to eat at all except for a bun & a can of milo. That evening just before six, the pain in my head was killing me. I wanted to hit it on something hard, maybe against the wall. But I can’t, it was impossible as I was attending my lecture, I couldn’t think straight. Just manage, I guess.

But it got worst the moment I was stuck in a traffic jam that evening. My head was spinning & I was about to throw up. I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t think I could have survived the day. When I reached home, hit the shower, a long hot bath, but the pain was still there.

Mom was worried sick, she knew I am anemic. She knew the symptoms. Lack of oxygen flowing to the brain, lack of protein & carbohydrate. I guess lack of sugar too! I had to force myself to eat, not much but a few spoonfuls of rice & chicken. Followed by a tablet of panadol.

Slept like a baby till about 4am!

Well, at the moment, my schedule is full, so little time for myself. Need to go to British Council this weekend, need to renew my membership & borrow books on Language & Gender, Language & Media. I’ve got to hand in my proposal next week! God, help me!


2 Replies to “under the weather”

  1. inshallah you are better now ? you need to get food into your system it is imperative. I’m glad you were able to concentrate and drive !

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