0207 – arrived home after supper

Went to OU to do some shopping, but end up buying nothing, couldn’t find a great pair of jeans that fits well! Thought that I’ll be getting my altered jeans today at ZARA, guess I have to get it tomorrow. Went for a late lunch at DOME then went to watch CASANOVA, loved it. Worth my RM41 (with my Aunt Norma, Balqis & Shahrizal) + a very gorgeous Heath Ledger. We also managed to buy tickets for the Constant Gardener (I fell asleep for most of the show, body & mind can’t take it….still exhausted from yesterday’s events & the window shopping we have done from noon till 9pm, tired of going to the changing room trying and changing clothes but end up not buying any either because I don’t look good in them or it’s a little too provocative but I love that white linen pants!!)

Thanks God Monday is an OFF DAY!


No More

“I’ve always tried to do my best on the ball field. I can’t do any more than that. I always try to give one hundred percent; and if my team loses, I come back and give one hundred percent the next day.” Jesse Barfield

Well, you have to give 100% in whatever you do, & not end up regreting once it’s over. I’ve given my all yesterday, but I wasn’t satisfied at all with the flow of events which has lead me to make this decision. Choose someone else next year! I’d rather be at the field supporting my team!

It was a long day, face burning as we were sitting facing the blazing sun. The only thing which brought a smile to my face was meeting my ex-students and helping Laksamana move one spot up, that was our aim this year. Thanks to the Spirit of The Dragon!

too exhausted to go anywhere and end up sleeping in front of the tv till 6pm.

Sorry guys, I promise to meet up with you later for lunch at a better time….

p/s am not a heartbreaker


Fueh, I’m back…just for a while though.
Been BUSY with work. Sports this Saturday & Debate this Wednesday! Horrible time of the year. Schedule is packed. No space for me to move or even squeeze around. By the time I reach home all I want to do is to doze off.

I want to go shopping this Saturday nite, need a new pair of stilettos!

¡Buen viaje!

Mom & dad will be leaving the country tomorrow. ¿Dónde? Siem Reap, and I will sending them off at KL Central tommorrow morning before I head to work!

¡Que tengas suerte! y ¡Felicitaciones! to Akmal or is it Ashraf…(can’t even remember my cousin’s name) got them mixed up who’ll be transferring to MRSM Muazzam Shah, Pahang.

¡Felíz cumpleaños! Irfan, what’s your wish on this special day? I know what’s mine, I hope you’ll get well soon!

till then

Buenos Noches

Hasta Luego