Taking a Break

Damn hungry, must be after all the thinking and typing my assignment, that’s just group work & I haven’t even completed my personal project paper. Who ever thought, transcribing an interview would be difficult. Imagine me sitting, one hand holding a pen the other holding a remote, straining my ears to hear Andy Panders mumbling, he actually mumbles during the Nokia Football Crazy Show. If you compare him to the other Mat Sallehs or Caucasians, they have got a clearer speech than him. Don’t count PJ Roberts, he is fine, but I don’t like Aussie talk aka accents! So, I got it half done, I’ve got to transcribe another half. Analyse the conversation, are there interruptions between speakers, overlapping etc. Obviously there are but I have to analyse how often do the occur. The frequency. And it’s all due on TUESDAY! Help…

Oh I just found out that Cyrpus was once occupied by the Brits…humm…didn’t know that, well…yuh actually I did, but somehow…i left that knowledge somewhere…I’m very fond of Geography you see, as I used to memorize the capital cities of countries in this world for my Social Studies class.

I want to eat…I’m bloody hungry….OFF I GO to grab a bite


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