A little bit of History

I have no idea who wrote this, but I found it at the Families.com web site. Here is some information about OCS.

The Martyrs School (formerly Oil Companies School) is located three miles west of Tripoli. The school was originally designed to meet the educational needs of the major oil companies in Tripoli. However, in recent years, the school has been opened to expatriates not affiliated with the oil industry. The school was founded in 1958 and offers an American-style, coeducational education from pre-kindergarten to tenth grade. Arabic and French are taught as foreign languages.

Situated on a five-acre campus, the Martyrs School consists of 11 buildings, 47 classrooms, a 14,000 volume library, 2 science labs, a computer lab, auditorium, infirmary, gymnasium, and tennis courts. Students are grouped according to their abilities, with an accelerated study program available for gifted students. The school year lasts from September to June.

In addition to its traditional curriculum, the Martyrs School offers an extracurricular program that includes gymnastics, computers, yearbook, school newspaper, field trips, drama, student council, soccer, tennis, floor hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball, and numerous social clubs. The school’s mailing address is P.O. Box 860, Tripoli, S.P.L.A.J. (Libya).

additional info:

The International School of Martyrs (ISM), Tripoli:

This school, established in 1958, was originally named the Oil Companies School, it then became the College of US Aggression Martyrs (CUSAM – commonly known as the American School) in the 1970s and finally became the International School of Martyrs. It is occasionally referred to as the American School of Tripoli.
The ISM is now owned by the Libyan government. The school used to follow the US curriculum, but was forced to move away from this under sanctions. The school has since followed the Canadian and now the Irish curriculum in an attempt to circumvent government legislation and offer students a qualification in English. The Irish Leaving Certificate is taken by many students, but IGCSE and A-levels are also now studied here. There are a number of British/European teachers employed at this schools – a fact reflected in the high fees. The average fee is 5000LD per annum – making this the most expensive school in Tripoli.


11 Replies to “A little bit of History”

  1. As a teacher of Art, Craft & Design in St. Macartan’s College, Monaghan, Ireland I was pleasantly surprised to see you study for the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination ! The website for our college is stmacartanscollege.ie and I update it on a regular basis. Have a look !! Bye.

  2. Hey Mate .!
    I’m in this school now , I’d like to correct you on a few things .
    Tennis Courts , Are not there anymore , Probably demolished .
    Gifted students are still treated tje exact same way as normal students . No speeding up .
    There are no extracurricular activites of any kind . We are barely even allowed to use the Gymnasium .
    The school is 20% more expensive every year , So It’s much more expensive than 5000 LD .
    That still doesn’t make it the most expensive school in Tripoli . GEMS ( A new school opened up ) Much more expensive .

  3. okay the skoo sux okay. i mean its the year 09. it cost 8000 LD. i jst wana knw where the money goes . i mean it hasnt been changed 4 fcking 20 yrs. and we r all fcking pissed at this shit. i mean my

  4. Hi Osama, I’m collecting the information of this school, such as the fees and administratioins, but I can’t find the school’s official website, could you please help me out and provide with the web address of the school?

  5. So it also has a levels? If so, is this the only school in tripoli that has a levels? (GEMs are replacing the a levels for the IB next year I heard)

  6. Dear Sir,

    Would you please inform me ,where i can get in contact with your esteemed self,

    either by giving your telephone number or by your information desk .My mobile number

    is 0913390007

    Awaiting your prompt action reply


    ahmed sallak

  7. I think this post should be corrected :
    Tennis court is demolished. We are rarely allowed to use the gym. Advanced students are treated regularly, and this school has sucked as long as i have been in it!(6 yrs)

    yearbook is published once every few years, field trips are rarely given(if ever!), student council doesn’t exsist, floor hockey-never played it in the school, basketball is palyed if a ball is supplied, softball and volleyball(same as basketball), social clubs don’t exsist. The soccer field is just gravel and isnt grass.

    Major reformations should take place in this school, as it is just plain crap right now.

    1. this is so true we pay so much money and they dont even get us good educated teachers i wonder were all the money goes if we dont even have good teachers or good desks i think we should replace the principle because she doesnt really care about what we want even from simple stuff……………………………………………..!!!

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