got a sweet tooth?

Yeah I do. I am a chocolate lover, white, black, bitter, minty … all types would be fine with me! But have you ever tried eating chocolate ice-cream with tapai? What? Never heard of tapai? Basically it’s a traditional dish, me thinks ;P, made of glutinous rice which has been fermented and added sugar. Don’t ask me how it works, don’t know the process, for that, I would have to interview one of my aunts! hey maybe you science nerds would know!!

Well, back to tapai, it’s a delicacy, and normally served during special occasion, I’m not certain here, again. Yeah, that’s when I normally eat tapai anyways! During kenduris & wedding receptions, served as dessert.

So, today, mom bought some tapai from the market & asked me to try eating it with chocolate ice-cream. We didn’t have any vanilla ice-cream in the freezer! It’s supposed to be mouth watering! I cringed. Not too excited by the idea. She somehow managed to encourage me to take a bite, humm taste okay. No stomach ache! Touch wood!

Well, next time I’ll have to buy a tub of vanilla ice-cream then! No harm trying. Don’t know if I’ll feel intoxicated!


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