is there a difference?

going to a controlled school and attending national/govt schools? I think there is! To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have ever studied in a fully government funded school (would boarding schools count? 2 years of that then). Most of my schooling years were spent in controlled schools ie former convent/missionary schools and 3 years abroad in an international school. What’s the difference? Besides the history & background? I think there is a difference in the students’ attitude & character. Students respect their teachers & learn to love their school because it has been instilled in them from young. I just don’t understand the kids these days. School is supposed to be their 2nd home! So keep it clean!

During my schooling days, we had demerits & blackmarks for arriving late. Once they have been accumalated we will be punished by cleaning the toilet. One way of keeping the toilet clean! I don’t see this being practiced today, not all schools!

We had spotchecks, no long nails, unruly hair, dyed hair, coloured ear rings, no jewellery, tie your hair once it reaches the 2nd collar (for girls), my cousin even had a large patch of hair cut as it was slightly longer than usual (BBBS). We were proud to wear our school badge, school tie, sing our school song etc.

I’ve even advised my aunt to send her children to schools in PJ (Sri Aman) or to controlled schools such as Bukit Bintang Boys School (BBBS) / (Assunta) or to MRSM.

Well, I’m glad I had the opportunity to study at Assunta, I’m proud to be an Assuntarian. My days there have taught me about being disciplined and respectful of your teachers and others. I’ll never forget that.


One Reply to “is there a difference?”

  1. i’ve never been to a controlled school but to a private one. And the differences are huge. But i believe both are equally good in a certain way.

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