Down Memory Lane

As I was browsing my photo album, I found a few pics taken during my 2nd year of Matriculation at the Centre for Foundation Studies in Science, UM. They were taken during and after our performance held at the Experimental Theatre,UM for all to see FOC.It’s called the Pre-ESL Nite (the programme book is with me, as I was the one who designed, printed & published it.) and it was part of our study programme. 15% may not be much but our reputation would be at stake if we did not perform well as it was performed infront of everyone, the VC, Deans, Head of Depts, Lecturers, our seniors etc. basically anyone could just walk in & watch us act, sing, do the catwalk ala Fashion Avenue, sketch, choral speaking etc. It took us months (from the end of our 1st year – the beginning of our 2nd year) to prepare everything from scratch. It wasn’t easy but it was a lot of fun. We had the opportunity to watch our seniors handle their Pre-ESL Nite & learn the ropes from them, indirectly as both batches are not the best of friends!

with Shah after the show

group pix


I don’t have a pic of us acting in the Main Invention, I guess we must have looked so ugly that everyone was too frightened to snap pictures of us. We were dressed as men, mad scientists, evil advisors (am one of them, bald old man, that’s me!), king.

Ahh those were the days, matriculation life was fun. Students from other fields of studies ie Hayat, Fizikal, RPKJ & PRAC (Pre-Acc) were so envious of us. Why? Well, we didn’t really have to study except for Literature. We read books, novels etc. We didn’t really have to crack our brains like the others to make sure the formula is correct & our problems solved, everything is balanced, as for us, we make sure we had balanced meals! 😛

Undergrad life wasn’t that fun, all the methodologies to be learnt & applied, it’s the start of serious studying, no more acting & singing etc. I guess that’s when our creative juices start to run dry! ;P

However, I’m glad I went through all those years at UM, I’ve learnt to be more confident, less self-conscious. I used to have stage frights but I seem to be able to handle what ever fears I have faced these days. One thing I need to do – worry less. I hate anxiety attacks, I’ll have sleepless nights before the D-Day (I guess it’s normal)


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