What?! You are?!

What’s wrong with being single & loving it?! The moment people know you’re single they would start matchmaking you no matter if you (that’s me not the guy)like it or not. Oh come on, my parents don’t even care if I’m not married as long as I’m happy. So I wouldn’t allow other people to force me into liking someone I don’t. I’m just not interested. I’d rather it comes naturally.

People may claim that they’re worried to see you staying single while your age is catching up on you. Well, I would just tell them, firstly, there are too many gay men in this world that you couldn’t find a straight single men to be your one and only faithful life long partner. Secondly, you can’t determine if one is single or married? We live in a gender biased world. There is a MR, Miss & MRS. So you’d know if the lady is married or available but not for the men. They are always eligible. BULLSHIT! So, we women, wouldn’t want to be accused of snatching someone else’s husband right under the wives’ nose. Thirdly, I am independent. Do I need a man to change the lightbulb for me? Nope. I’m not a damsel in distress either. Do you want children? Yes. But you’re not married? Does that mean I can’t have children? Well you have to be married to a man to produce one? You could always adopt the the poor little thing. Too many children are being dumped into orphanage etc. Any more questions?

People have been doing all sorts of ways to matchmake or introduce you to their friends. The common one is through sending text messages. Thanks to the invention of the cellphone, sometimes I feel like throwing it into the a large body of water. Personally, I’ve had enough of playing the guessing game. It’s a waste of money & not worth the time. I may seem cold. But some guys are damn desperate. I’d just ignore the messages and/or the phone calls and pretend nothing happen. Eventually the person on the other side would loose interest! I hope, I pray to God he will.


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