Travel Diary

270506 2130: Depart from KLIA to Cairo by Lufthansa via Bangkok.

280506: Arrived at Cairo airport at the wee hours of the morning. We were then driven by bus to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Downtown Cairo. After we’ve freshen up ourselves we went out for an early walk. The street wasn’t filled with cars yet as it was still early. After exploring the city, we returned to the hotel as we did not want to miss our bus. Our tour took us to the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and Papyrus Institute.

It was hot and humid day but at times breezy. Wonder where did that gust of wind come from. Anyways, the place was packed with tourist of all sizes & colours ;P We even met a few Petronas engineers when we entered one of the pyramids. The view was breath taking. We planned to watched a night show that day, Light & Sound, however, we were very unfortunate as the tickets were sold out. Too bad! To make ourselves feel better, we sat down by the roadside at a small table and drank mint tea.






290506: Left the hotel bright and early for Alexandria, a seaside town well known during the Roman Civilization for its port. A three hour journey from Cairo but was well worth the time. Egyptians and tourist alike come to Alexandria for it’s beautiful beaches and waters. The buildings are spectacular and well-looked after. Vistors to Alexandria would not miss visiting the Qaitbay Citadel, Montazah Palace Prophet Daniel’s tomb. On the return trip we stopped at a popular shopping spot well-known for it’s linen clothings.


That night we had to do some late night shopping. Shops here closed very late, at least till midnight. We managed to get dad some linen shirts and I bought my cousin a pair of tie & handkerchief by ICEBERG (an Italian brand)

300506: Our tour guide, Youssef, brought us to visit Imam Shafie’s tomb in Old Cairo, Imam Shafie Mosque, Sultan Hassan mosque, Citadel, Mohamed Ali Mosque, Perfume Factory. Transfer to Nile cruise with dinner & traditional Arab / Egyptian performance ie bellydancing. (It’s not as well done as the one we saw in Istanbul, mom agrees with me!)


310506: Our last day in Egypt. Time was precious so we checked out early and head first to the Orthodox Church & Jewish Synagogue. Then to Al Azhar mosque and finally Khan Khalili Bazaar. I was very disappointed with the condition of the area. It was very unorganized unlike the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


Transfer to airport for departure to Jeddah via Egypt Air

010606: Arrived at Medina from Jeddah at around 1am and stayed at Movenpick Hotel – Anwar al Madinah. Showered and left the comfort of our room for the Masjid al Nabawi to perform our Subuh prayers at 4am.


Prophet’s Mosque taken from our hotel window

030606: left Medina for Mecca to perform our Umrah.

090606: left Mecca for Jeddah to fly back to KL via cairo & Bangkok

100606: Arrived home safely aboard Lufthansa.


6 Replies to “Travel Diary”

  1. Hi REdenclave, thanks for posting all the lovely photos and your itinerary. I guess Egypt has not changed since I was last there. But I noticed that the road in front of Masjed Nabawi in Medina looks very different and more modern than back in 1992.

    Mabrouk the Omra my dear , I’m sure you felt that serenity in the Kaaba ? I never wanted to leave the place….

  2. Highlander,

    I guess you’d have noticed that there aren’t any pictures in Mecca, pics of the Kaabah and Masjidil Haram. Our days were packed and I don’t feel like taking any pictures there.

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