Ohhhh….have you ever seen better looking pirates than those on POTC – Nope, I don’t think so. Sue and I went to catch the sequel of POTC this morning. It was entertaining, hillarious and scary at times. But I love Capt Jack Sparrow, a good job by my all time fave actor Johnny Depp (of 21 Jump St fame …. was so in love with him, I was about 12 back then…sigh), so I can’t wait to catch POTC III next year. Orlando Bloom as will Turner well… who wouldn’t want to be married to such a hot guy, a faithful and loyal gentleman. Kiera Knightley was great as well, but I had hope she would be in more sword fights, but maybe next time. Humm …

I won’t be watching Superman Returns (hate men in tights)!

Shah, when is your birthday? Did I miss it? I hope not, I know it’s somewhere in this month! If I did miss it, I’m so sorry. It’s just that Mom, Qye & Izuan will be celebrating theirs this month … ohhh…when will we be having the surprise party for qye? Hopefully he won’t be busy doing his rounds at the hospital!


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