You’ve got mail

It’s 1842 and I’ve just got back from uni a half an hour ago. Class ended early today, 1730 but I was stuck in traffic after exiting the main gate of my uni. Well, everyone is rushing back home from work plus the never ending road construction which lead to the heavy traffic along Jalan University, well part of it atleast!

Once I reached home, had an early dinner even before taking off my make up (foundation and eyeliner, that’s it!) as my stomach is skilling me! Once that’s done, cleaned up & checked my mail … Once in a while I’d recieved a newsletter from TICKLE, asking me to do some quizes, which I love of course. One way of finding about yourself and relaxing!!

What’s Your Little Black Dress Personality?

Shireen, your little black dress is Asymmetrical

No matter where the day or night takes you, you seem to be one of those rare individuals who knows how to stand out in a crowd. Because you possess a personal style that’s all your own, it’s only right that your little black dress would be as unique and distinctive as you are.

For you, putting together clothes, accessories, and makeup can be just another way of showing off your creativity. After all, your look is a reflection of who you are. That’s why you’re sure to make a statement no matter what you’re wearing. Good job!

Where Does Your Inner Compass Point?
Shireen, your best adventures are Unexpected Endeavors

Checking out a new art exhibit, catching a baseball game, or just picnicking in the park — who knows where you’ll find yourself next? You are an adventurer in the truest sense — spontaneous and flexible with a passion for trying new places and things.

With your easygoing nature, you are the quintessential road tripper. No maps, no plan, no timelines. You’d rather let the road take you wherever it may lead. North, south, east, or west — your inner compass has no limits. So give it a spin and let it decide where your next adventure will be!

oh it’s qye’s b’day today, I got him a gift from Egypt, have been waiting for the right moment to give it to him, next week I guess since he is busy doing his internship. Mom’s birthday is this sunday, so I’ll be taking her out for lunch …. she’ll be 57 this year.

When are we going to HRC to celebrate Qye’s birthday? Next weekend or the week after?


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