Independence and all

It has been 49 years now, I wasn’t even born then. So, do I know and understand the feelings of finally being free, free from occupation or colonisation? Maybe not, but I know we take for granted of the freedom we have today.

I am sad to say this to you, but I don’t actually celebrate my nation’s birthday. I don’t even fly my country’s flag. So does that mean I am not patriotic? To me, I believe that everyday should be a special day. That means, we should never ever sell our nation to our enemies. Never ever betray our people & country. What’s even more insulting is burning your country’s flag!

But for your info, this year’s celebration is held in Kuching, Sarawak (cities across the country will take turn to host this celebration, last year it was held in the capital city). It’s similar to the parade in the US, with high school marching bands performing, cultural dances, floral parade, uniformed bodies, tanks & what not!

Click here to see photos.

So what did I do on this day? I went shopping. I guess most of us had the same idea, no one felt like staying home, hence the traffic jam and full parking spaces! I need an mp3 player cum voice recorder (for my master’s assignment), so I thought I should pay a visit to one of the malls. With the Merdeka (that’s independence to my foreign friends, I hope I got that right, unless my Malay sucks) Sale, the malls were packed. Shopping or even window shopping seems to be our hobby. We are well known to be great shoppers no matter which country we visit (we, as in my fellow countrymen). After I got the much needed gadget, I drove to the next fave spot of mine, IKEA. It took me 15 min to reach IKEA, but it took me half an hour or more to find a parking space! I was about to blow up, when I finally found one. So, you see, that’s how I celebrate this special day, go shopping!


Thank God…I was scared

Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.
Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone,
Please come back home…

This song woulld bring tears to me, it reminds me of my cousin. We lost him a few months ago to cancer. He would be preparing for his PMR this year.

So when mom told me to get my blood checked, I was reluctant at first. I tried to postpone the check up. I was very afraid, afraid of the result. I don’t think I could deal with my life or those around me if I was diagnosed with cancer. I was very afraid…

I got my blood test result today. I should be greatful, there were no signs of the dreaded C. However, I have to stay away from fast food, drink more distilled water instead of my favorite coca-cola and coffee. I need to take good care of my body, before I lose it to some disease.

She’ll be 49 tomorrow

Well, this is an advance birthday wish from me to you. Sorry, I have not prepared anything special for you. Our time together no matter how short will be remembered. I feel that every single minute spent with you is precious. I should consider myself lucky being here with you. I have not been treated badly, and I hope I won’t do the same to you. I hope to make you proud and me be proud of you. I love you in my own way, although I may not express it so.

So Happy Independence day from me to you.

Many drivers ’switch off’ on roads?

A survey was conducted in the UK which reveals millions of motorists suffer from memory block while on the road. Click the title to read more.

Have you experienced the same situation while driving? Having no recollection of your journey? Do you go totally blank while behind the wheels?

I believe I’ve ‘switched off’ a number of times while driving especially when I’m alone, driving to work or back. Your mind tends to be occupied by things you want to do once you reach your destination. At times I end up having to make u-turns as my hands do all the talking while my mind is elsewhere.

Haircut does wonders

Khadija Teri in her previous post has actually inspired me to get a haircut. How short can your hair get? If you ask me, very short. (I realised that other women were looking at me, not because I’m gorgeous 😛 it’s my short crop, they must think I’m being very brave plus it makes my head feel so light! Imagine this: a wedding ceremony, bride with short crop hair whilst the groom has his hair tied in a pony tail, how rugged is that!) I do agree with khadija that a new haircut does wonders to you. It uplifts your mood for that day. No wonder women love being pampered. The next thing I need is to get my brows shaped or reshaped which I normally get it done every forthnightly. So if the opposite sex do wonder where we flush our money, it’s gone down into somebody else’s wallet to look and feel fabulous. Money is also worth spent on our footwear, just imagine yourself looking elegant but for the shoes. Torn leather & unpolished shoes will make me cringe with disgust! Remember, appearance counts. It’s important to look presentable. Check out Roba’s post.

What is the world coming to?

This should not be surprising to some, regarding gay marriages being given the green light in S. Africa by its cabinet (countries like the netherlands, spain, belgium and canada have sanctioned same-sex marriages). I, on the other hand, find it difficult to swallow. I can accept my friends being gay but I can’t accept gay marriages being legalised. Firstly, some may say it is their right to chose but to me it’s against my religion. If other countries followed suit, what would happen to the rest of us? It’s difficult enough for us (the straight ones) to find the right partner, at the moment. What about reproduction? Remember that movie acted by Arnorld S, what’s the title? I can’t seem to recall. It’s the one when a man actually gets pregnant. Gosh, that would be horrible, I guess the burden would be lifted from the lesser sex but it goes against nature.

New Skin

After much contemplating, I have finally decided to give my blog a new look. I however am not sure whether I would use another picture. If you realise I have deleted my photo album link, as well as latest photos of yours truly from my flickr album. What’s left are my baby photos. Why the sudden change? I’m suddenly feeling insecure @ self-conscious!

I had a few problems with the html today, thanks to both NB & Adam for noting those problems to me. The problem has been solved.

P/S I may decide to change the pic. I don’t know!