Of all people

Nothing’s changed. The same old routine, work, go home, get a quick bite, go to campus, then get back home in time for early dinner before I go bonkers thinking of the things I have to prepare and do for the next day! But TGIF tomorrow! Looking forward to the weekend, Balqis will be back for her semester break, we’ll be buying a birthday cake for my mom, and my 2 cousins, Izuan & Qye. Haven’t got my mom a gift yet, nor have I bought anything for lil cheeky boy, Izuan! So I’ll have to cram everything this Saturday, Aduh, penat nya!

Anyway, I sat next to an Arab guy today, found out he is a Libyan, my oh my, I didn’t know they’ll travel as far as Libya to study Linguistics. He is quite proficient in his English language as well. I’m impressed. I guess his friend who sits in the same row with me is a Libyan as well, doesn’t look like an Iraqi, maybe a Palestinian. Didn’t ask! Back to the Libyan guy, I only knew he is a Libyan because he borrowed my lecture notes! They are a number of foreign students who are currently pursuing their Master’s Degree, some come as far as China but don’t look Chinese. Why? Well, they are of Turkish descent but they do speak fluent Mandarin. In fact they look more European than Chinese, sharp features, light coloured hair frackles & all. At first, I thought she was a Russian! Well, I wasn’t the only one, even the Malaysian immigration officers were surprised. But, I pity her as she had to go through much interrogation from them! I think we need to read more. We’re not well read!

Oh…why is that the Arabs would pronounced my name differently? Maybe I should change the spelling of my name. They’d pronounce it as Sharazad….. even if I spell it differently they would still pronounce it that way!


One Reply to “Of all people”

  1. Oh you would be surprised – there are quite a large number of Libyan postgraduate students in Malaysia .
    Many also go for honeymoon as they feel comfortable with the halal food and Muslim atmosphere and beautiful country .

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