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Looking at my little cousin breaking fast reminds me of myself at her age or maybe a few years older. Kids these days have been trained to fast since the tender age of 5 or 6. Some would fast for half a day for a few days or weeks, it all depends. Some would fast the whole day. I for one, didn’t start fasting till I was about 7 @ 8, I guess. It was a very difficult start for me. I was a very sick & weak child, I had to endure such pains for days. I had childhood asthma and upset stomach. So, most of my primary years I would fast for half a day.

I remember fasting during the summer of 86. It was my first year studying at OCS. School was on, so were our PE classes. I could recall our coach teaching us about baseball. Imagine playing on sand under the hot summer sun. We were asked to bat while our friends would take our place to run to the bases. I insisted on running. Coach was surprised but I managed to convince him that I would not faint and he does not need to worry about me. Well, I ran a few rounds, didn’t faint as no one knew that once I reach home I’ll have my lunch! ;P I cheated!

In the evening, mom and dad would go to the market, I would tag along, we would buy fruits like tangarine, fresh dates, figs, watermelon, honeydew and/or grapes. Whatever is available. We would break our fast with dates and milk or mineral water. we then proceed with the main dish wish consist of rice and home cooked dishes. In fact, we’ve experienced breaking fast in total darkness.



“You have to allow a certain amount of time in which you are doing nothing in order to have things occur to you, to let your mind think.”
Mortimer Adler

I’m sure we’ve been in such situation. It’s been like that for me for the last few days.

Anyway, it has been 4 days since the beginning of Ramadan (I’m 4 kg lighter, I used to weigh around 48kg), time flies, the next thing you know, you’re busy cleaning the house and buying new clothes in preparation to celebrate Eid. This year, we’re going to Singapore, but I’ve always dreamt of fasting & celebrating Eid in Mecca. When will that be? I don’t know the answer myself.

R for Ramadan

With Ramadan just around the corner, in fact an announcement will be made later today regarding the 1st day of fasting, restaurants have begun preparing promotions to cater to the breaking of fast affairs in the evenings. (Around this corner of the world the 1st day of fasting will be on the 24 of Sept while the other half of the world (USA, Europe, Africa & some parts of Asia) will start fasting a day earlier.) While others have started baking cookies to be sold during the month of Ramadan and to be served & eaten together with family & friends during Eid. Others take this opportunity to sell variety of local dishes at the Ramadan Bazaar. Ramadan may be the time to reflect but it is also the time to make big BUCKS for others. City slickers or urbanites are just too busy to cook and prepare dishes for the breaking of fast, instead they would choose and buy any dishes they fancy sold at the ramadan bazaars in and around their neighbourhood. The patrons consist of not only the Muslims but non-Muslims too would frequent such places & savour the local dishes.

During this auspicious month, friendships are made and all is forgiven. A time for sharing, and bettering oneself. Luxuries are only temporary, forgive one’s adversary!!

visit An Idiot’s Guide to Ramadan


Highlander, PC, NB, Adam & the rest

I’m back on my 2 feet. Thank you once again. Ahh, Highlander, you seem very concern about me as I have been keeping silent for a while, you counted 4 days. I guess you must be right. The answer my friend is that I didn’t have anything to rave @ rant about. Another reason was that, Liverpool lost again, this time to Chelsea. Hence, I didn’t go online & have not been leaving any comments on any of your blogs especially yours, Highlander.


What’s up with Thailand? I guess the people are letting their frustration known! In fact, some Thais especially those living in Patani which borders my country have been treated badly by the people in power. Thaksin has been accused for corruption, election fraud, etc.

Who’s next to go? Blair? Since he has been asked to step down by the opposition.

under the weather II

This has nothing to do about the weather outside. I’ve been sneezing every few minutes now. It’s a horrible feeling. I think I’m going to fall sick, at the moment I could feel my throat hurting, a slight itch & I’m sure it’s going to get worse. I don’t blame it on the weather, I blame it on stress.

My body is weak, but I appear strong & fit as a bull eveready to fight my enemy. I hate looking frail & lifeless as if it’s the end of the world. I need to appear happy and pretend I’m problem free.

P/S Magni (the MAGNIficent Icelander) was finally eliminated. I somehow felt that this would happen after watching the 4 of them performed yesterday night. I enjoyed watching Toby & Dilana but not Lukas. And, Lukas won. I wouldn’t know how to describe Lukas. He wears eye make up! He screams! So as it goes, I won’t be buying the tickets to Supernova’s concert.

Questions to be answered (Edited) THANKS A BILL NB

I have been an ardant fan of Team McLaren Mercedes since the late 90’s, all due to the great influence from my colleague at work. At that time, the people around me would favour the prancing horses rather than the silver arrow simply because MS was in the lead or for some other reasons. (They literally painted the town RED when we first hosted the GP over here, the so-called HOTTEST race, don’t know whether that still stands!) I could not care less for their thoughts.

McLaren’s performance have been disappointing this year. Basically, their performance fluctuates in the past few years but I guess this year is their worse year. So far, no wins at all. ZILCH, cero! How my heart breaks for the team! Imagine, their cars were the fastest cars on track last year & they’re no where near their best performance this year!

This year’s departure of JPM, after such a mediocre performance from him was a breath of fresh air for me, maybe for the whole team too. His replacement, Pedro De La Rosa a Spaniard, drove a much better race, you could see fire in his eyes although most of the time he spend behind the wheels of a McLaren as a test driver. No wins so far but he managed to grab 2nd placing in Hungary, if I’m not mistaken while Kimi crashed, a racing accident, according to him. I wonder if it was a misjudgement or rather a lapse of concentration by the icy cool FINN.

With another 4 races to go, will McLaren finally win a race today? It’s difficult to say. As far as I could remember, Kimi has only won 3 races out of 12 from pole. Would I be correct to say that he must be jinxed? I hope not, maybe his luck will change as this may be his last year driving behind the wheels of the Silver Arrow. Please pray tell, make my wish come true.

Yes, I’m sure Kimi will be leaving his silver clad overalls by the end of this year and jumping ship to Ferrari. An announcement will be made by Ferrari after today’s race regarding their next year’s drivers line up.

Oh well, Kimi, I support the team not the drivers. Good luck, thanks for the great time at McLaren but I’m looking forward to see McLaren’s new line up. Obviously it’ll be Alonso (who is more sober), but who will be partnering him. That’s the question which needs to be answered as well. So, will it be a all-spanish line up: Alonso & DLR? Humm, has Heidfeld extended his contract with BMW Sauber? An ex-McLaren protege, he is!

Well, I can’t wait for the announcement. Will it break my heart, but I guess it can be mended if Alonso wins the Driver’s Championship as well help win the Constructor’s Award. We’ll just have to wait.

UPDATED SEPT 10 ’06 2135
One question has been answered.

This will be Michael Schumacher’s last Monza race. You know what that means. Kimi will definitely jump ship! DRATS…

(counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

The results from MONZA
1) MS
2) KR
3) RK

where’s Alonso? His engine blew up!

NB will you now join the bandwagon?


Highlander, this is for you ;). Since you’ve asked for it.

I feel rather NAKED without a bag to carry on my shoulder, no matter the size I’d always carry one, here’s the contents of my extra large bag I carry to work.

1) white leather – a gift from Japan. I could fit most things in it, including A4 sized files, if need be.

2) camera case – with Indian motif, obviously the camera is being used to capture this photo!

3) pencil case – I’ve had for, oh so long, I guess since I was back in the university, during my freshmen year! Most of my pens used are black, seldom use other coloured pens. This pencil case consist of only 1 mechanical pencil, blanco, metal ruler & 1 inkless fountain pen with my inscription @ name engraved on the pen cover.

4) cell phone – which I often switch off when I feel the need of peace & quiet

5) Hacks – licorice flavour, my ever relient sweets to keep me awake, but favourable by men mostly especially smokers!

6) OHP permanent markers – presentation purposes, just in case we need to use them. We still need them even in this day and age of advanced technology.

7) mp3 cum voice recorder

8) purse – money or no money, I need it as it holds my plastic money & driver’s license. I’ve forgotten to place my purse in my bag once or twice, & went to work without my driver’s license. Thank God, there wasn’t a road block @ anything serious happened on that particular day!

9) I.D card & lanyard – for working purposes, I hate putting on name tags

10) Lipstick & lip gloss – every woman needs them

11) mirror – just to keep descent & for touch ups

the notebook is just an accessory, I was in the middle of updating the anti-virus software. Notice, no key chains (car keys & house keys are not permanent features, they’ll be removed once I step into the house), sunglass is in the car. That reminds me I need to get a new pair of glasses, in case I lose my contact lens at work, to be kept in the bag.