montage-a-google (Thanks Khadija)

I tried out montage-a-google & typed red_enclave (with an underscore). This is what it produce:

And when I type this: redenclave. This happens


PC, NB & Adam
There’s a hint of a foot somewhere in the pic. I hope that suffice!


16 Replies to “montage-a-google (Thanks Khadija)”

  1. Red knows how to make men ask for more ;-).

    By the way, how silly are we people? Before this we have here a nice and informative article on Ramadan -> 0 comments. A hint of seeing a glimpse of female feet -> this is already comment no. 6 (and more will follow, I believe).

    Red, do you think me and Adam grew up in Saudi Arabia or among the Taliban ;-)?

  2. Highlander,
    I will not show off my foot to those men. They can imagine all they want! I’m supposed to be red_enclave: from behind the veil. So, it’ll stay that way! Haha…
    Plus, this montage thing is interesting really. Insert a keyword ie egyptian camel, and pics of pyramids & camel will appear.
    Try it out, I tried keying in Highlander, but to my dismay, none of you but most or all are from the movie & Tv show. But, it didn’t help as I don’t know what you look like *hint hint*

  3. Red, it looks like you got better results with the underscore, eh? Most of those look like photos from your blog šŸ™‚

    Speaking of which, I’m sure that I have seen your foot before in at least one of your vacation pics! I just can’t recall where in your archives it would be :O

  4. Red, do you know why this is actually so funny? I’ve never had a foot fetish or anything, it’s just that the joke has grown bigger or bigger all the time.

    Highlander was perfectly right some comments above!

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