Help needed

Some online editor contacted me, through flickr mail, the other day to seek permission to use pics I’ve taken of my country. I have not replied just yet. I’m undecided. Should I agree, should I be giving any conditions?


9 Replies to “Help needed”

  1. If the person and the media s/he represents look decent and reliable, go for it! However, some conditions wouldn’t perhaps hurt, like that you only allow the publication where it’s asked for this time in order to avoid your photos popping up just anywhere without you able to control that anymore.

    In these times when everybody just copies & pastes information with no respect for copyright issues, it’s nice that you’re asked anyway.

    Red, get ready for your 15 min… sorry, MB’s of fame :-)!

  2. I agree with my fellow Scandinavian blogger. If the photos are only used online then make sure they do not end up all over the place.

    Getting money for such shots could be difficult, but if they want to print, then I would ask for money…

  3. Well, I would ask them to credit me as the photographer. Or maybe your blog if you want anonymity. I was contacted by Microsoft some 10 years ago when they wanted to put some of my programs on some sort of Multimedia CD and I thought it was no big deal, and I was flatterred, so I said “sure, go ahead!” but then the bastards put a Microsoft Copyright on MY work, and didn’t even credit me! Bill Gtaes is the anti-christ.

  4. Adam, thanks for the link! Roba seems to be putting up a good fight as she really should. I absolutely enjoy that whoever plagiarized her now gets bad publicity and shame. And I absolutely enjoy a picture of Syrian food now being promoted as Jordanian fare. Ha ha ha.

    Hope nobody will ever discover the source which me and Adam copy & paste all our Euro-softie ideas and quotes from ;-). Well, the copyright owners to our so-called ideas would anyway be too much of chickens to sue us..

  5. I have no idea what country you are in but you may find this helpful. I know for certain that all of the nations of northern Europe are members of the Byrne Convention (intellectual property treaty). If they proceed to use your pics without your consent (find out what the name of their publication is) you do have legal recourse. Asking for a nominal fee is not out of the question. Or you could simply ask that they attribute the work to you and make a donation in your name to a charity or organization if recieving money is to cumbersome an undertaking for you. If the nation you reside in is not a member nation of the Byrne convention that would make any redress exceptionally expensive.

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