Ups & Downs

Nadal was sent packing in the quarters of the US Open and I have got no one to root for. Oh well, maybe I’ll go for Federer then! I’ve never liked Roddick & James Blake anyway.

On a different note…La, la, la…la , let’s ROCK

However, I’m glad Magni the MAGNIficent Iceman has not been eliminated from ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA rocker search. Storm Large, ooh how her surname seems to fit her so well (she’s around 6ft tall), has been eliminated. Tommy Lee seems to love her, maybe her boobs has influenced him & clouded his mind! It’s actually a very tight match, all of them sang well and wrote wonderful lyrics, but in my opinion, I don’t think Dilana would or could last. She knows she can perform but she ain’t that creative when it comes to writing lyrics. So, who’s left? Toby the OZ dude, Dilana the extreme chick, Lukas the dark knight and of course Magni the handsome bald one.
I hope Magni will get to front this rock group!


2 Replies to “Ups & Downs”

  1. In the Ladies’ my vote goes to Sharapova.

    You may have observed that I too often side with the underdogs, in politics and elsewhere. In the men’s one could go for that Russian outsider who kicked Nadal. Unseeded and all – a true underdog!

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