under the weather II

This has nothing to do about the weather outside. I’ve been sneezing every few minutes now. It’s a horrible feeling. I think I’m going to fall sick, at the moment I could feel my throat hurting, a slight itch & I’m sure it’s going to get worse. I don’t blame it on the weather, I blame it on stress.

My body is weak, but I appear strong & fit as a bull eveready to fight my enemy. I hate looking frail & lifeless as if it’s the end of the world. I need to appear happy and pretend I’m problem free.

P/S Magni (the MAGNIficent Icelander) was finally eliminated. I somehow felt that this would happen after watching the 4 of them performed yesterday night. I enjoyed watching Toby & Dilana but not Lukas. And, Lukas won. I wouldn’t know how to describe Lukas. He wears eye make up! He screams! So as it goes, I won’t be buying the tickets to Supernova’s concert.


8 Replies to “under the weather II”

  1. hey cher, kc here.. comin from experience, when yr troat ithches and you keep sneezing, it probably means u’re allergic to something which activitated the histamine and thus cause a runny nose. but errr… see a doctor to be on the safe side.

  2. Thanks guys

    it’s not a “sport”. I don’t think you’re into watching reality shows. I am a follower of rock star, in search of rockers to lead a band. So, the finale was last wednesday. I didn’t like how it turn out. I would rather have toby or dilana to front the band instead of Lukas.

  3. Hi Red,

    No, I don’t watch reality shows. I watched the first season of Survivor but that’s it. I was really frustrated that all the dirtbags kept making the cut. I don’t like to think that’s “reality” even if it is 🙂

    BTW, does anybody know what is going on in Thailand? I just heard on the news the military is disarming the police… who are the good guys? OR the “less bad” guys, or whatever!?

  4. Redenclave I have not heard from you for 4 days now ! Are you alright girl ?

    P-Craig this thing in Thailand is strange and unexpected ( to me at least as I have not been following the far east news dilegently ) .

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