Should I be getting…


the seductive clamshell

or this?

the compact mobile living

or this?

xpress music or any other Nokia model, maybe a N70, I’m spoilt for choice!
However, at the moment I’m basically thinking of getting a sony ericsson instead of a Nokia mobile, partly because of the price and the design.

Come on Adam & NB, should I get a made in Finland @ a Jap-Swede mobile phone?  


A scary thought

Main Entry: 1ogle
Pronunciation: 'O-g&l also 'ä-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): ogled; ogling /-g(&-)li[ng]/
Etymology: probably from Low German oegeln, from oog eye; akin to Old High German ouga eye — more at EYE
intransitive verb : to glance with amorous invitation or challenge
transitive verb
1 : to eye amorously or provocatively
2 : to look at especially with greedy or interested attention

thanks to Merriam-Webster Online
Have you ever been ogled before? No matter the gender, well it all depends on their sexual preference. Whatever it is, no matter by whom, such actions do make the target feel insecure and maybe at times self-conscious.

I often question myself, Do guys go through the same thing? Or only the ladies. If so, they may not go through as much as us.
Sometimes such harassment do lead to personal trauma etc.

It’s the last day of Ramadan

so we decided to break our fast at IKEA, haha… I don’t know what got into us, but we felt that we should give it a try. It was rather cheap but the queue was very long. No wonder they told us to be there by 5.30. We reached at 5.45 and the line was growing. By 6.30 most of the tables were occupied. Food was great, but I don’t eat much.



Take a second or two to ponder on this. While we are happy, at home with roofs on our head, food on the table. Others are suffering, tears in their eyes, heart torn into pieces. Homes crumbled into rubbles, future uncertained. A lesson learnt for all of us. Let’s make love not war, lets pray for peace for all. Let us be strong no matter how much suffering we have to endure.  So, this Eid, let us not forget those in Palestine, Lebanon, and other places, let us not forget that we would have been in the same situation, but maybe luck is in our side. We may be the fortunate one, but for how long?

Once again…

Happy Eid ul Fitri

Last …

… quali & race of the season. So, will Alonso reign as the Youngest Double Champion? Ahh, time will tell, and that time will be tomorrow or early Monday morning for those living in this part of the world.

The 18th & final race will be held in Brasil, one of the toughest race tracks to drive on especially because of it’s bumpy surface and even a very skillful driver would need to be very alert  with great hands control to manoeuvre an F1 car.  (I’m sure, I’d drive my car into the barrier if I’m placed in such a situation!) What is even more challenging for the drivers is that this is one of the very few race cuircuits which runs in an anti-clockwise direction. More left turns (9) to right (4) would  pose much pressure to a driver. No wonder, F1 is a sport only for the FITTEST.

There are a few questions still to be answered. It’s still hanging in the air. I, for one, wonder if the silver arrow will win this final race. This year’s car is a far cry from last year swift & speedy McLaren. Driver errors and mechanical failures have  hampered them from any chance of  winning a race. This must be a sad, sad year for them, a season to forget. With that, I hope they have made so much progress in the development of next year’s race car since it will be revealed to the public in January. Let’s not disappoint Alonso & prove to Kimi that he has not been missed! ;P

With the weather being unpredictable lately, who are we to blame but ourselves for the depletion of the ozone layer due to our own selfishness & which has lead to the sufferings of others, there is no clear winner for Sunday’s race, a Michelin or Bridgestone runner. Michelin a winner on wet while the latter on dry. Mishaps may occur to anyone, so the race is open but the pressure will be on both Schumi & Alonso. Who is the stronger one amongst these two? Who is more resilient? Both has the hunger to win the race for themselves & the team but sometimes one would have to rely on pure LUCK.

p/s Is Mother Nature livid with the way we treat her beautiful abode? It seems she is, torrential rain have caused havoc yesterday evening as water level rose and flooded roads in and around the city. Cars were damaged trees were uprooted. Some may have lost their belongings.

But, the haze has not disappeared! Humm, it has not rained today!

I want this

timberland boots
I have got no idea if they have this pair of boots in store. Will be checking it out tomorrow!

coloured my hair again, but I guess this time it’s a bit too dark (L’Oreal Permanent dark golden mahogany), it was much lighter before (L’Oreal Permanent medium brown No 5), different colour of course, before that, it was even lighter… looks good & daring (who else will complement about my looks, if not me, myself! haha), I ‘ve tried medium beige blonde, bleached my hair. I may recolour it in a week @ two.

UPDATED 21/10/06

I didn’t get the boots (pretty surprised that the item is available over here), tried it on, it looks great with jeans but not high enough, so I ended up getting slides/wedges. 🙂 Did some shopping to… oh satisfaction!