How long will this world last?

Temperature is rising due to ice caps melting. The ozone layer has been damaged, and we blame it on human beings for polluting the air with man-made chemicals. In the end who will be suffering, US, not the United States of America, but the world population. We’ll suffer from skin cancer and cataract, die of hunger, dehydration and poverty.

It wasn’t this warm a few years ago. The water level wasn’t this high either. Will we see islands submerging? Ahh, what will the world map look like in 10 @ 20 years time, I wonder!

Climate report setting scary scenarios


7 Replies to “How long will this world last?”

  1. Just want to point out that China produces more “greenhouse gasses” than the US. Doesn’t seem fair that you mentioned just Americe, especially since US emissions are shrinking while China’s are growing 🙂

  2. Due to an after effect of the ice age, incredible as it sounds, land on the Finnish seashores is constantly on the rise. At the current space, Finland and Sweden would grow together in around 2000 years.

    Now, that must be prevented at all costs, even if it means increased skin cancer and no ozone layer :P.

    Sorry, the second chapter was a stupid joke, the first is the facts. Because the real human toll is too big for a simple guy like me to understand, I’m selfishly concentrating more on what might happen around me, myself and I. I don’t want Finland to turn Mediterranean and I certainly want to keep our lovely cold winters and all the snow. Which is a paradox: the more we heat in the winter against the cold, the warmer the climate gets.

    Although climate change and temperatures warmer than ever are a fact few credible scientists would deny, seriously, ordinary people can’t feel the slow changes. This year might be 0.1 degrees Centigrade warmer than last year but we don’t feel it. We might have a record cold winter or record warm summer and these we remember but nobody can feel on his skin this year is 0.1 C warmer that the last one.

    Just talk to old people. At least here they claim the warmest summers always were in their childhood ;-).

    But what will happen when the 2+ billion Indians and Chinese become fully industrialized..?

  3. Finland and Sweden growing together ? Yiykes!

    I would really like to write more on this but I simply have no time and already a severe sleep deficit.

    If it wouldnt be greenhouse gases it would be something else. I am 100 percent convinced that our planet is unable to host 6+ Billion people at humane standards of living. Somewhere somehow things will not add up and we will have a disaster much greater than Finland and Sweden growing together.

  4. Adam, my friend, no self-respecting and patriotic Finn can think of a greater global disaster than Finland and Sweden growing together ;-).

    Actually, the question is in fact that if we more or less agree on the end result, what should be done to postpone it if it can’t be avoided altogether?

  5. NB yes my man! I agree on both paragraphs:) and I agree on both points in the second. I am not quite ready to roll over yet, I just condensed my views of the broad picture.

    As for the broad picture: everybody has noticed climate getting warmer during our lifetime. Even if I am unconvinced that all these changes are caused by humans, ( I mean really think about a 1000 year perspective not 20 years, similar changes may or may not have occured before ), I am convinced that that one of many things that should be changed is greenhouse gas emission….

    Beans for dinner, oooooops

  6. well the way people treat the world we all know and love and how many people keep tearing down the trees the world will be gone in about 50 years and thats if were lucky!!!

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