Who are you rooting for …

To win the constructor’s as well as driver’s awards?

(Background music playing The Racounters – Steady as She Goes)

What difference does it make to me? None, I presume.

What is this crazy woman talking about? Something which is close to my heart (F1), of course. (Of in Rafa’s words, for sure!)

Although I am a die heart fan of McLaren (no not Steve McLaren the England Team Manager, I do not support the English team eventhough I watch EPL!!), but of the 3 pointed stars fame, this year I WANT Renault to win both awards no matter how small the margin of victory is between them & FERRARI. There’s no love lost here, especially between the prancing horses, the blue & yellow team & not to forget the silver arrows.

My hatred towards the red team has grown ten-fold as I find them arrogant & unsporting. Ohh, only arrogant drivers will want to drive for them. (This is my personal opinion).

Renault will have to win the Japanese Grand Prix and both cars will have to be in the 1-2 spots, as well as winning the Brazilian Grand Prix in order to retain both Championships (Driver & Constructor). If so, Alonso will remain as F1’s number one driver.

How does it work next year when he’ll be wearing the silver overalls? What about his team mate? What’s his? What about their paddocks? I’m sure Renault will occupy the one with the largest space if the win the constructor’s championship, that is.

A return to NO. 0?

If MS wins the driver title & since he will be retiring at the end of this season. *Drats*

Should Fernando win the title, he will take the number one over to the McLaren Mercedes team.


12 Replies to “Who are you rooting for …”

  1. Craig, Craig…

    I root for the team to win, since McLaren is no where close to winning anything this year, I’m backing Alonso & Renault to win.
    The plus point is, Alonso will be piloting a McLaren next season.

    I’m no schumi fan, although I’m a RED! πŸ˜›

    maxxed out,
    thanks for visiting no matter what you think about F1

  2. Red, it seems that the latest race went exactly as you wanted :-).

    How do they say this, enemy’s enemy is the best friend or something like that – I guess this applies to your backing for Renault these days.

  3. NB,
    For now, I do get what I want. I always get what I want! *cruel laugh* But there’s the last race in Brazil. How did you know about the result, don’t tell me you place your groggy self infront of the idiot box to catch the race?

    I used to when I was a kid! ;P

  4. Red, I have well informed sources within the top echelons of the global F1 hierarcy always ready to supply me with confidential information.

    Or then I just read online papers and news services a lot (I don’t know if a pc also fits your criteria of the idiot box) ;-).

  5. Ho Ho Red!
    As everybody is so compliant with you here, it seems I must offer a little bit of opposition.

    As for the arrogant Reds (not to be confused with the cruelly laughing Red) I am not so sure. They were extremely arrogant some 3-5 years back yes! But that simply is not true today, IMHO. Perhaps we partly can thank FIA for that, and partly Schumi has grown up.

    As for “only arrogant drivers”, do you think Kimi is arrogant? Pretty quiet guy I think. And Barichello? He was probably the least arrogant driver F1 has ever seen!

    As for hoping for Alonso and Renault in Japan, I agree with you. But they are far ahead in both the drivers and the constructors, so I think we are safe there. πŸ™‚

  6. Adam,
    It’s been so long since last I heard from you. What have you been doing? I know you haven’t turned into a zombie like me! Muahaha *loves the evil laugh*

    I still find Shumi arrogant compared to the other drivers. Button would mince his words when interviewed. His brother is total opposite not as fiesty @ fiery as him.

    Kimi on the other hand, may seem quiet, he looks arrogant and he doesn’t like to give comments about other drivers.

    Barrichello on the other hand is down to earth I guess, pity that he had to be the 2 nd driver for ferrari.

    I have always hated the way ferrari tries to manipulate the game!

    As for hoping for Alonso and Renault in Japan, I agree with you. But they are far ahead in both the drivers and the constructors, so I think we are safe there. πŸ™‚

    It’s still crucial. Anything could happen, engines blowing up, crashes etc. But there’s hope for Renault to win both titles!

  7. I strongly doubt that a crash or a blow-up will hit Renault. Such things usually happen when people and equipment are pressed to extremes. The Renault engineers know their stuff, they do not need to win so they can and will use “safe” settings for the engine. I doubt that you are into gambling but online betting at betfair will give you 1.26 on your money for Renault. Not a huge win but still a positive payout.

    As for Kimi, I am really surprised by your view. He is quiet indeed yes. You find that arrogant? I just think he is very shy, he is clearly not comfortable with interview situations. Why do you find that arrogant ?

  8. Adam,
    it’s his expression, so cool. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe him jumping ship has clouded my mind. Getting intoxicated by all these affairs of him moving to Ferrari, and McLaren not winning at any circuits this year. You seem to sound as if you are a Renault fan.

    Do you know what I fear. I fear Ferrari winning the last GP. Have I got did mixed up? Are both sharing the same wins at the moment?

  9. Anything could happen, engines blowing up, crashes etc. But there’s hope for Renault to win both titles!

    Red, you devilishly grinning but still sweet and decent Muslim lady, is this a hint that if Ferrari seems to be doing too well in the last Grand Prix, you might cause some “accidents” ;-)?

    Now if Ferrari is spying on your blog, prepare for a couple of security guys knocking on your door just when you broke your fast ;-).

    I’m not a Kimi fan myself but I’ve never found him arrogant. He’s definitely very shy and would rather just drive his car and avoid all publicity. Of course that’s impossible in commercial sports.

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