Welcome to my new home. Nothing much at the moment!


9 Replies to “bienvenue”

  1. Congratulations :-)! Quite a many blogger seems to be leaving Blogger these days.

    The new design looks great although it takes some time to get used to your frequent changes of skin ;-).

    By the way, I think you’ve dropped your veil from the title only ;-).

    And tralalalala, if your blog one days becomes a cult favourite, I can now claim I was your first ever commenter on WordPress…

  2. I am kind of bored staying at Blogspot for nearly 2 years. I need a new place & new surroundings. Maybe one will become more productive, same goes in real life. Don’t you think so?

  3. Mostly agree: a change of skin is always nice and might even have a refreshening impact on the contents as well. Not that there would be anything to complain about them on your blog anyway ;-).

  4. Craig,
    I think I’m getting older & I’ve just realised it! Too flashy? The colour you mean, color as in American spelling.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with your ID, non-blogging doesn’t face the same prob as you do. It seems your ID falls under the category of spammers…watch out RED you’ve been spammed! So I’d have to check AKISME (Automattic Kismet) everyday to restore comments. ;P

  5. Haha, it seems that even a spam filter recognizes my comments are always soooo original ;-).

    Though it’s sometimes funny to see what ends up in the spam box and what not in my e-mail. Long mails from long time friends have these days a tendency to end up among all the Viagra and Rolex replica stuff for some reason!

  6. Sorry Red, I’ve had this problem on other blogs. It won’t let me put my blogger profile link in as a URL for some reason. Should work now! But I’ll show up as an anonymous named “Craig” this way – oh well, at least I won’t be a spammer 🙂

    I think this must be some kind of conspiracy Typepad or whatevr has against blogger!

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