15 objects of affection

Posted: October 16, 2006 in mi vida loca, passion

Found this in Highlander’s blog, thought I should try it. I thought this would be easy, apparently NOT!

(1) Net – I wouldn’t be able to blog or keep in touch with my friends.
(2) Silk scarves – just love the texture, colour & pattern. Expensive though!
(3) linen & jeans – comfy, trendy & elegant
(4) Grand Bazaar, Istanbul – shopping paradise & great atmosphere
(5) The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque) – breathtaking
(6) mint tea & turkish apple tea – mouthwatering
(7) coffee – a must to keep me awake
(8) stilettos – sexy
(9) perfume – Issey Miyake, 212 by Carolina Herera – to smell good & yummy
(10) Broadway – Jekyll & Hyde, When Pigs Fly (very gay)
(11) Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branaugh & Keanu Reeves)
(12) silver jewelry – rugged
(13) O.C.S. – you’ve moulded me into who I am today, Thank You
(14) Devil cake – yummy especially with frostings
(15) My Sony Cybershot T-33 & HD Video Cam – to capture beautiful architecture & ruins but of course to snap all those hot guys!

  1. Non-Blogging says:

    Your list is lovely as is Highlander’s as well!

    I’m sure compiling one must be really hard. I couldn’t make one myself :-(.

  2. highlander says:

    Ah I love the cybershot – cool list Redenclave, I tried walking in stilletos but ended up barefoot and in a cast for 6 months after that loooooooool.

  3. highlander says:

    NBA – just admit it you are lazy 😉

  4. redenclave says:

    Oh my, your’s must be 3 in high! Some are very comfy though!

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