Take a second or two to ponder on this. While we are happy, at home with roofs on our head, food on the table. Others are suffering, tears in their eyes, heart torn into pieces. Homes crumbled into rubbles, future uncertained. A lesson learnt for all of us. Let’s make love not war, lets pray for peace for all. Let us be strong no matter how much suffering we have to endure.  So, this Eid, let us not forget those in Palestine, Lebanon, and other places, let us not forget that we would have been in the same situation, but maybe luck is in our side. We may be the fortunate one, but for how long?

Once again…

Happy Eid ul Fitri


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  1. Poverty in Indonesia

    Population living on less than $1/day{2} 8%
    Population living on less than $2/day{3} 52%

    It’s a ice sentiment, Red, but you didn’t need to politicize it! People are suffering all over the world, not just Palestinians and Lebanese.

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